Ditch announces work on 2nd mixtape


Ditch has announced he has begin recording for the new Ditch mixtape “Clout” which is due out by the end of summer 2009. The cd will feature songs such as the fast paced “Clout” , a smooth song called “Shyne when I wanna” reminiscent of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop it like its hot” and the angst and powerful song “ We getting money B**ch” as well as a few others. Ditch says the cd will also include some previous unreleased Ditch songs such as 2006’s “If I was Ballin”, ”Ridin”, “ So Cal Hustlas” and a few more.
Please stay posted to www.lethaltendermusic.com for the new mixtape and as always you should be following Ditch’s blog on www.myspace.com/ditch420