Are You Too Single To Start Dating Again?

too single

I've been single for a really, really long time. Like, super long. Super duper long. I'll put it to you plainly: the last time I had a BF, Jordin Sparks was still competing on American Idol.


Not that I mind being single - I have actually gotten quite used to it - I just worry that spending so much time depending on myself and myself only has sorta made me….too single.

I don't remember what it's like to be in a relationship anymore; to answer to someone else, to plan around someone else, to make decisions with someone else. I sleep in the middle of my bed - and I hog all the pillows. I spend my evenings with takeout food and TLC reality shows that no guy would ever watch. I sometimes go days without washing my hair and months without getting a wax. I devote any and all time to hanging out with my friends. I take out my own garbage and buy my own drinks.

I change my own flat tires.

I enjoy being a truly independent woman, but I am starting to wonder if all that "I can do it"-ness is preventing me from finding someone. If my contentedness is preventing me from actually getting out there and bringin' home a boy. Well, a boyfriend. I have gotten quite good at just bringing home a boy.

A friend recently told me (drunk at 3 a.m., mind you) that the key to getting a guy is playing the damsel in distress. Not in all aspects of your life, but in some. Her weapon is a lack of car; she always needs the guy to drive, so he feels good taking care of her. And guys keep lining up to give this girl a ride (pun not intended)...

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