52 Weeks To Find A Husband

Deadline For Dating
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The race is on for one woman to find love in less than 52 weeks.

Neena Pickett is calling her quest to find a husband in less than 52 weeks a "social experiment," which means men are the variables and marriage the hypothesis. Her method, while it may be unconventional, is undoubtedly decisive. "The idea of sitting still for a year is like a death sentence," she writes. So instead of sitting still, Neena's outlined a 52 week plan that includes a website, frequent videos and a panel of six friends who weigh in on her every move.

Neena's site, 52 Weeks 2 Find Him, recently caught the attention of CNN, which was quick to point out that she's not so much the next Bachelorette as she is the next great business woman.

"Setting goals and working hard—no doubt, it's the American way," they wrote. Business-like indeed, Neena is just 14 weeks into the 52 week project and has already had more dates in two weeks than she's had over the past two years. Fans of Neena's can upload a photo of themselves on her site, complete an online profile or scroll through one of four dating site profiles she currently maintains. Not to be overlooked either are the mission statement, discussion board and, yes, even sponsorship sections of her site.

Dare we say she's searching for a husband and a book deal?

While 52 weeks may seem like a long time, Neena has been single all her life and despite the fact that she "doesn't consider herself a desperate single," at 43, the odds are stacked against her. Fans of professional matchmaker Rachel Greenwald may remember the sting of this statistic: There are 28 million single women over the age of 35, but only 18 million single men over 35.

If Neena Pickett wanted to meet all 18 million 35 and over singles, she'll need to extend her deadline a bit.