Britney Blocks K-Fed Girlfriend

Britney Spears

The singer bans Federline’s woman from coming on the road.

We recently reported that Britney might be trying to get her family back together and it appears she is seriously marking her turf.  Britney has banned Kevin Federline’s new girlfriend, former volleyball player Victoria Prince, from joining K-Fed while he’s on the road with her on the Circus tour. A source told Us Weekly, "Britney struck a deal with Kevin that Victoria couldn't come." This news comes after rumors that Spears and Federline were recently caught in bed together. Well-played, Britney.

Rumor has it that not only could the ban be part of some jealousy on Britney's part, but also from the fact that sources say Prince is siphoning money from Federline. Prince just left her job at Fox Sports marketing in January and insiders say that Prince "has some money issues. Kevin pays for everything."

Considering the fact that Britney is sending Federline weekly payments as part of their divorce settlement, she might not want to have support one more person. In addition to love being a main factor of Britney wanting to reunite her family, it might actually be a wise financial decision. It's a tough economy, y'all!

Scoop courtesy of Perez Hilton. Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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