Evan Rachel Wood Back With Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood

The actress confirms she is back with the shock rocker.

Here’s a morning quickie for you: Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson are back on. We reported that the two were spotted leaving a hotel together prior to the Academy Awards where Manson mentioned the word “girlfriend” in relation to Wood. It appears our instincts were right because the actress has confirmed the relationship is back on in a recent interview with GQ

In the interview, she also denies rumors that she and Wrestler co-star Mickey Rourke had anything going on, saying, “There was no truth to it, and it was so annoying. The friendship was intimate and nice, and this makes it weird.” 

Wood and Manson’s real relationship and her alleged fling with Rourke both made our list of cringe-worthy celebrity hookups but we’re wondering if all this has lost its shock value now. We think the surprise would be for Wood to date a high school English teacher. Now that would shock us. 

Scoop courtesy of Celebitchy. Photo courtesy of Splash News.

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