Can You Survive A Vacation Together?

couple on vacation together

Travel tips for couples booked on a romantic getaway.

Despite the dismal economy, or perhaps because of it, now is as good a time as any to get away from it all. Gas prices are hovering around normalcy, airlines are engaged in full on fare warfare and haven't you always wanted to try hiking in the nude?

Couples traveling together (with or without clothing) are likely to save a bundle this season but traveling as a pair does have its price. For couples turned first time travel companions, the art of getting along on the road depends on their ability to compromise as well as navigate. Not asking for directions can be endearing at first but ever-so-annoying when it comes to finding a restroom at five in the morning. Likewise, being sprawled out on a hot beach for the better part of an afternoon may sound like paradise to one person and inferno to another. Agreeing on what constitutes relaxation and what doesn't is a sign that a couple is ready to travel together without risking their relationship.

Imagine traveling side-by-side with your spouse for 512 days in a row, as is the case with Dawn and Sean, the couple behind the blog Wandering Why. When asked how they cope with getting on one another's nerves, they emphasized the importance of planning in advance.

"We were on the same page with budget and places to see," said Dawn in a recent interview with Nomadic Matt's Travel Site. Planning an itinerary in advance alleviates the pressure of one partner having to make all the decisions for the pair. But don't over-schedule beyond the point of spontaneity! Romantic vacations thrive on spur of the moment sunsets and moonlit trysts on a deserted beach.

For many couples, the opportunity to travel together means getting a glimpse of personal grooming habits otherwise left unnoticed. Habits that seem like second nature, such as tossing dirty laundry on the hotel room floor, letting the toothpaste tube leak all over the sink and clipping one's toe nails over the balcony, are magnified when the quarters are close and otherwise pristine.

Traveling together is the ultimate opportunity to test the strength of one's relationship and enjoy some unforgettable moments. A little planning and etiquette go a long to way to ensure it's not a vacation from one another that you'll be booking upon returning home.