Love Bytes: "Friending" An Old Flame

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The truth about exes and Facebook, virginity rates by major, how not to give a handjob.

Love Bytes: three must-click sex, dating and relationship links.

Stop lying to yourself. We all know the real reason why you want to "friend" your ex. [Star Tribune]

"Like LinkedIn, it [Facebook] has the credibility of being a professional and social networking site," [therapist Mark] Laaser says. "It's a less obvious and blatant hunting ground for ex-lovers than" But Laaser says motives often aren't innocent: "The population that I deal with is mainly doing it for the sexual buzz, the neurochemistry, the excitement of the pursuit."

Yet another reason why it sucks to be a math major. [Buzzfeed]

When we're talking about how we give handjobs, let's be clear about something. [Smitten]