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So missunderstood.....

So missunderstood.....

Well, my husband and I have been having problems with our marriage.I thought the person that loves you would never put his hands on you for any reason... Well he did and I was so shock and pissed and hurt.. We are suppose to be getting counseling but, we have to wait until this court stuff is finished and then we are starting from there.. I'm always calling so that I can hear his voice and he calls ever now and then... Everything has changed he's a whole different person. I don't like that he's always blaming me for what my parents are doing or saying.. I tried talking to them and letting them no what we need to do and he thinks that I don't care bout his feelings.

    We've been through alot and my parents are the reason why I'm here. I don't know what else to do. I could say but, so much.. He feels like I don't say enough.. I hate that. We are suppose to working together and he acts like I don't want us to work it out.
    Sometimes his family don't say much... I feel like his doing what ever he wants no one is telling that it's wrong not being their for your wife and kids. They are the reason why we are having problems.


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