Designed for pleasure

Designed for pleasure

I see plenty of articles and blogs about men and their packages, so in the interest of fairness, here's some info about women and our package.
 I will continue to keep us all up to date on what we women bring to the table in this respect! Enjoy and please share your thoughts and comments!

The clitoris is the female sexual organ found where the labia minora, or inner lips, meet. It consists of a rounded area or head, called the glans, and a longer part, called the shaft, which contains cavernous bodies similar to those of the penis.

The tissue of the inner lips normally covers the shaft of the clitoris, which makes a hood, or prepuce, to protect it. The only directly visible part of the clitoris is the glans, which looks like a small, shiny button.

The size and shape vary considerably among women. It can be seen by gently pushing back the skin of the clitoral hood. There is a high concentration of nerve endings in the clitoris and in the area immediately surrounding it.

The abundance of nerve endings in the clitoris makes it very sensitive to direct or indirect touch or pressure. Stimulation of the clitoral area can be very pleasurable.

Clitoris — The Only Organ Designed for Pleasure
In fact, providing its owner with sexual pleasure is the organ's only known function, and the clitoris is the only organ in either sex with pleasure as its sole function. It has nothing to do with getting pregnant, with menstruation, or with urination.

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