A Mini-Vacation From Monogamy

man with suitcases taking vacation from monogamy
Love, Heartbreak

Why married men think they've joined the ultimate club.

Married men looking for a loophole that allows for a little sideline action is nothing new. In fact, the idea of an open marriage is as much a part of the new male fantasy as say, a first-round draft pick or a three-point basket at the final buzzer.

But open marriage isn't just a guy thing. Referred to as "monogamy 2.0" or "negotiated wedlock," there's an entire vocabulary dedicated to spouse-approved affairs. Along with the lingo comes a limited permission slip to partake in extramarital activities without getting grounded. Think of Larry and Cheryl David's agreement on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Secure in their marriage, Cheryl gave Larry the OK to sleep with another woman. Once.

It's seemingly a win-win situation for all parties involved despite the obvious head injuries: the unsuspecting third parties, if kept in the dark.

From some men's point of view, having sex outside of marriage not only means more sex for him, but better sex for his wife. According to one man interviewed for this article in Details magazine, "Some of the best sex you can have is after you've gone to the dark side." And by dark side, he means having a one-night stand with a "friendly young publicist."

Dare we ask why on earth a young publicist, friendly or otherwise, would jump at the chance to sleep with a man in a self-described "boring, sexless marriage"? Perhaps it's the potential thrill of post-coital childcare chatter or the opportunity to satisfy someone so clearly frustrated with life.

Whatever the case, as long as there are spouses who agree that "sleeping around helps you value the safety and intimacy of being with the person you really love," there will be friendly people eager to help couples "save" their marriages. We just hope those young helpers know their roles.