Sex Does A Body Good

health benefits of sex

Frequent sex may be as good for you health-wise as diet and exercise. Everyone wins!

It's no secret to all of you out there in reader land that we at YourTango are huge advocates of sex. We not only want to help you get it, but also want to educate the hell out of you.

Well, more good news concerning our humanitarian plight—even more research has surfaced claiming that sex is really, really good for you. And not just emotionally good, but like, should be included up there on the list with diet, exercise, and daily vitamin good.

Drs. Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz graced Good Morning America today to promote their new book, You Being Beautiful and made some pretty jaw-dropping claims about the health benefits associated with sex-happy people.

For starters, they say men who have sex three times a week decrease their chances of a stroke by a whopping 50%, while ladies who get constant lovin' can rest assured they'll probably live longer than their less sexed counterparts.

In fact, speaking of women, Dr. Roizen goes so far as to say that humans are the most "sexual species" due to the female's unflagging sex drive. It turns out our desire to get laid even when reproducing is biologically impossible is an animal kingdom wonder.

Sex may also even be mankind's own version of the Fountain of Youth, as they claim "great sex" (ed note: which we'll point out is significantly different than frequent sex, but we'll let it slide) can make women feel two to eight years younger, where if a man racks up 150-350 orgasms a year he can also experience the youth-extending benefits.

However, as to be expected, there were some head-scratching proclamations that made us stop in our tracks and smirk.

"Increasing sex from once a month to once a week is the happiness equivalent of an additional $50,000 in income for the typical American, Oz said.

Hm. This one's a toss up for us. Weekly sex or an extra $50, 000 a year? Oh, the possibilities. Lack of sex we're used to, but extra money? Not so much.

Which would you rather take?