I've learned that sometimes in relationships you learn more about yourself than the person you're with.
I LOVE the man that I'm with, he's the bestfriend I wanted for so long. We talk about everything and everyone. The laughs that we share are so irreplaceable. It's truly the little things that keep us holding on. We currently had a big dispute about some he said she said stuff and I wanted to end it with him. My heart would allow me to let go. I played hard ball acting like I didn't want him here anymore but I was fooling myself. This is the man who's been with through everything and I couldn't just give up just because of some BS. I would consider myself to be confident whenever I'm in a relationship but my confidence doesn't erase the fact that other women like to look, flirt, and be with good man too. That's what I got a GOOD MAN! He makes me happy but what I've learned about me is that I can be the most stubborn, mean, and nastest person when it comes to my FEELINGS.  I refuse to be hurt (well I try to act like things don't hurt me) I'll give my all in the name of love but I won't allow anyone to walk over me or let my hurts show. I can build up a wall that's hard to tear down. I am a true AQUARIUS and by all means be aware!!!