Dating Site Lets Friends Do Dirty Work

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Families and friends playing matchmaker can be hit or miss. Sometimes you meet the man they've set you up with and bewilderment, or worse, offense sets in: "This man's eyes don't focus... does my coworker think I have a lazy eye, too?" But, the pros to being setup are that you have a team doing the dating dirty work for you (ie. meeting eligible people), and it's generally free of charge. lets your friends or family spread the good word about you, but you ultimately get to choose whom to pursue or date. You sister, best friend, ex or mother creates a profile for you, of course highlighting all the good points you might be too humble to share. Men are also rated on several specific traits, including the aforementioned humility, earning potential, looks and desire to commit.

The reason this makes for great online dating is twofold: chances are a man's sister is not going to place her mid-40s brother in the late 20s category, as men might be tempted to do on their own; plus, you get an accurate, if overly laudatory, picture of what makes these guys tick.

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Those in favor of arranged marriages applaud the external input families and communities bring to the dating process. In a similar way, we employ therapists, career coaches and psychics to help give us a different perspective of ourselves. We think the key to success on Greatboyfriends is choosing your profile creator wisely. If you're a proud momma's boy (Ryan Seacrest), then by all means, let your mom go nuts on your recommendation. If you'd rather keep this fact under wraps until, say, after the wedding, maybe find someone who didn't give birth to you to write your profile!