Mad About Madatoms

Mad About Madatoms
Sex features hilarious, real content from writers and artists.

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Here's a site that welcomes nobody's who want to become somebody's. welcomes writers, artists, filmmakers and actors to contribute to their fresh, creative, and unabashedly hilarious work to their website. Each story features contemporary art and every author writes original content for the different columns.

The site is set up very simply: there are separate sections for writers, artists, filmmakers and actors, and almost every writer and artist has their own bio, in which they plug their website or attempt to expose viewers to their unique online personas. By clicking on a specific writer, you are able to see all of the pieces they have written and which columns they are featured in. The same goes for the artists. Clicking on their name or bio brings you to their art and shows you where it has been featured. As for the filmmaker section, there is only one filmmaker on the website so far. There is also only one video which he has created and the two actors on the site are featured in this short, yet outrageously funny video. We cannot wait to see what's to come for the videos on this site.

There are a total of 15 columns (pretty impressive, huh?) under the content section on the site. "Judging a Book By Its Cover" and "Trailer Trash" are two review columns. "Judging a Book" is, quite clearly, a column for book reviews and "Trailer Trash" includes negative reviews on movie trailers. Hence the trash. Hence it!

Two other columns on the site are specifically love and relationship oriented. So, as you an imagine, We likey! "Splooged" is a dirty little column about porn, masturbating, and having 13 orgasms with a guy who is very unattractive. It's relatable and raunchy. "Madatoms Personals", on the other hand, exposes relationships and love lives, with personal anecdotes about love mishaps and loneliness. 

The art, which really makes the site come alive, ranges from photography to drawings and sketches. These artists are very advanced and creative, and without their awesome work, the site might be overlooked and considered rather ordinary. 

In our opinion, it is no where near ordinary, in fact, not even close! Madatoms captures real-life artists, writers, actors, and, as of now, a lone filmmaker, in their prime. The content is solid and original. Believe us when we tell you that these people will keep you on your toes and have you begging for more.

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