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Guys, listen up.  If you're preparing for a trip down the aisle in the near future  and need some groom advice, then there is only one website you can turn to. is the ultimate guide for dudes who are about to pop the big question.  But don't worry ladies, this site is also  for you! Although the Groove targets men, most of their wisdom can go both ways. Below we outline what's good for guys, girls, and, of course, what's best for both. Ready?  Here we go.

For both: The Conversation. (A list of questions to ask eachother before he pops the question.)
-How is our sex life?
-If I/you got a dream job in London, would we move?
-Do we like each others families?

For both: How Do I Know If She's The One?
-Are you going to be sexually satisfied by this woman forever?
-When sex wanes, are other aspects of your relationship going to be invaluable to you?
-Is your family pressuring you to marry?
-Do you not want to go through the pain of breaking up?
-Are you afraid to be alone?
-Are you settling because your lazy?

For her: All The Groom Needs To Know About Engagement Rings
-Diamond-buying guide
-Do you need GIA-certified diamonds?
-Buying an engagement ring online
-Surprise ring or blank check?
-How much should a groom spend on an engagement ring?
-Engagement ring price calender

For him: Popping The Question
-Should the groom ask for permission?
(Instead of asking the father-of-the-bride permission, call both the mother and the father in advance, meet them in person, and ask them for their blessing.)

Good for him: Groomville
-Choosing your best man and groomsmen
-Intro to formal wear for the groom

So, there you have it folks, a complete outline of the web's roadmap for a groom's walk down the aisle. If you find yourself visiting the site and feel overwhelmed with all of the awesome tips, simply hop over to the video section and watch Mike from the Groove wrap up the best advice for grooms in under 3 minutes. LoveBuzz appreciates the site's easy navigation and its helpful advice for both grooms- and brides-to-be. That is why is this weeks blogger crush.

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