Vince Vaughn Turns Down Threeway

Vince Vaughn Turns Down Threeway

Vince Vaughn allegedly turned down threesome with sisters.

He's still got it. According to Digital Spy, some ladies in LA reported a near-encounter with Vince Vaughn. Two comely (we assume) broads, asked Papa Bear if he was interested in heading back to their hotel for a little . He declined politely, gentleman that he is. Possibly because the two women were sisters, Liza and Suzi Graves. Sure, a lot of dudes out there dream about TWINS. But when you get down to it, it's a teeeeeensy bit creepy. Would you ever want to walk in on one of your siblings having sex? Now, imagine walking in, not leaving, getting naked, getting involved, and possibly touching (possibly on purpose). Yeah, awkward and Flowers In The Attic. While to some it's funny in abstract, incest is generally not so awesome-blossom in real life.

This is the second aborted threesome rumor that’s been allegedly about Vaughn (and we use allegedly as loosely as possible). Last time around, he was all set to make a sweet Double Down-Hansel sandwich when Owen Wilson somehow queered the deal. All allegedly. Very allegedly.

That story had it all; incest, threesomes, and Vince Vaughn.