Half-Brother & Sister In Love

Half-Brother & Sister In Love

Way to get all Weekly World News, ABC. ABCNews is reporting about a couple of semi-siblings that are in love and don't care who knows. We thought that this was an episode of Brothers And Sisters and that the twist was going to be that they're not really related. Instead it's a pair of Scots thumbing their noses at the taboo.

Quickly, Danielle Heaney and Nick Cameron are half-siblings and share a mother. Cameron is 28 and largely grew up in foster care. The two of them met at a family reunion 2 years back and were immediately attracted to each other. They began spending time together and one thing led to another. One problem (outside of the very, very obvious one) was that Heaney (22-years old) was married with a child. Her now-ex-husband was not amused and retains custody of their daughter.

The thing that's strangest about this whole thing (besides the incest) is how normal they seem. We were expecting them to have serious mental issues (i.e. the inability to tell right from wrong, like Georgina on Gossip Girl). But they seem mostly there and at least act like they agree that the whole thing is weird. Incest is illegal in Scotland (actually illegal not mostly-illegal, like gambling at Bushwood) and the 2 can face jail time if they sleep together (though they are permitted to live together). But there is another wrinkle in this sordid tale. Heaney can't conceive. After her first kid, she was sterilized.

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So, the main problem with incest (freakish children with close-set eyes, pig's tails, and a taste for human flesh) is largely a non-factor. The couple hopes to move to France at some point where their brand of brotherly love is acceptable. Yep, still gross. But not as gross as that awful man in Austria (he's got to be Keith Olbermann's worst person in the world this week) or that Australian dude that had a daughter with his daughter. And only slightly more uncomfortable than George Michael crushing on his first cousin Maeby (on Arrested Development). Check out ABC's article for a science-guy's explanation about how this isn't as uncommon as you might guess.