A Soccer Stud And The 3 Shemales

A Soccer Stud And The 3 Shemales

Ronaldo (not to be confused with Ronaldinho or Cristiano Ronaldo) got caught in an Eddie Murphy-esque predicament involving 3 crossdressing prostitutes a week or so back. You may know the Brazilian soccer star from his fantastic work as AC Milan's striker before he hurt himself). At any rate, one of the prostitutes alleges that there was drug-use and sex involved. Ronaldo claims that no such sex or drug use happened and he turned the hookers in to the fuzz when they threatened him with blackmail (or possibly Brazilian-male).

So, the story goes that Ronaldo was drinking and watching futbol with a buddy and decided that a little 1-on-3 could be fun. So, he gets to a motel and finds out that the hookers are packin' and tries to bribe them to leave because he doesn’t kick that way. Things got ugly when they demanded $30,000 in hush money. The Grand Forks Herald is reporting that Ronaldo is incredibly embarrassed about the whole thing, mostly about the hos being men, because prostitution is OK in Brazil.

Just a question though, how often does it work out for a team of shemale hooks putting it on an ostensibly straight guy? Is it a function of how drunk the dude is? Or what services he's looking for? Do some dudes find out pretty late in the game what's going down (ha! a pun), decide to go with it, and not to rock the boat too much (another pun)? And what percentage of 'straight' dudes realize that they're a little freaky deak because of a situation like this and decide to live on the down low?

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