Male Birth Control May Happen Soon

Male Birth Control May Happen Soon

According to some recent research, it looks like there could be an effective birth control pill for men. It's effective but getting guys to take it might be a problem. That's where the ad wizards and tricky women come in.

According to our good friends over at the Daily Bedpost, there is a male birth control on the horizon. The pill is due out next year and reduces sperm count by like 98% and causes men to gain muscle mass. It needs a few months to become effective and a few months to become potent again after quitting the treatment. Read about more ins and outs of the pill at Daily Bedpost.

Big pharma has been trying to create a ‘pill’ for men since . . . forever. Most of the pills end up having unintended consequences (lowering sperm count tends to lower testosterone and inhibitions about chocolate intake). It’s sort of the same deal for most of the ‘female Viagra’ efforts. They create some sensitivity (et al) increase but drop the ball in the desire zone or vice versa.

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Anyway, I'm thinking dudes are probably going to need some coaxing to get psyched about this pill. Maybe a series of high profile actresses can say they only sleep with guys on the male pill. Or they could a page from Jessica Seinfeld's and trick men into consuming it by slipping it into their favorite drink. Like this dude in the video.