Woman Has Baby In 9 Weeks At Age Of 57

Woman Has Baby In 9 Weeks At Age Of 57

An older woman didn't realize that she was pregnant at 57 years of age.

Maybe that headline was a little misleading, properly gestating a baby still typically takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 9-10 months. But a 57-year old woman from England did have a baby only 9 weeks after realizing she was preg-o. Susan Tollefson had been trying, in vain, for years to have a baby. She and her guy, Nick Mayer, eventually settled on IVF with his sperm and a donated egg. Then last August, Tollefson had what she thought was a miscarriage. After which, she was obviously very sad. Then things appeared to be getting worse for her. The swelling of her belly which she assumed was ovarian cancer. To her surprise, the sonogram jockey told her that she was like 30 weeks pregnant.

We had to read the story a couple of times before we could understand why a woman that had undergone IVF wouldn’t immediately assume that she’s pregnant. But that business with the assumed miscarriage threw her off the trail. We’re sort of surprised that she didn’t, you know, visit a doctor after her tragedy. We’re just glad that she didn’t go on a crazy bender with booze and microwave ovens and roller coasters. It’s worth noting that Ms. Tollefson and Mr. Mayer are not married, further propagating that stat about greater than 50% of UK babies are born out of wedlock (not conceived, mind you, born). Sure this story’s a little crazy, but it’s nothing compared to that Oregon man who got knocked up.

And the baby's name is Freya after the Norse goddess of beauty, fertility, and love. She has blond hair and blue eyes like her eponym.

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