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sex for money

Today's compilation is in honor of (or the opposite of honor) New York's governor Eliot Spitzer. It appears that Mr. Spitzer has found himself in a little hot water in connection to a prostitution ring. What's with powerful, righteous men getting caught up in pay-for-sex scandals? Oh yeah, tradition. Check out five favorite prostitution stories from the past whenever:

Man bumps into wife at a brothel
A man in Warsaw, Poland made an interesting discovery at a local brothel: his wife. She was there earning some extra money. And he was there pursuing a little action on the side. It could not have gone well from there. Find out how this happened...

Older white women enjoy the men of Africa
Kenya dig it. According to Reuters, sex tourism isn't just for men any more. Kenya has experienced a massive boom in sex tourism by women from Europe. These women are looking for younger men to romance and sex them. Is Stella just getting her groove back?

A DC madam and Capitol Hill hypocrisy
David Vitter, a senator from the great state of Louisiana has been implicated in some not-so-great stuff. And he's admitted to seeing a prostitute while in DC but will not put up with accusations that he would ever do so back in Louisiana. Why not? His wife and people are there. His DC madam thinks he's full of it. Decide for yourself...

Japanese 'love hotels' are nice places to chat
There's a rumor that many men just see hookers for a friendly, non-judgmental ear. And ordinarily we would call these men liars. But some studies have been done and it looks like many Japanese men just hit up love hotel to get someone to listen, you know really listen to their problems. Funny that our society has a taboo on prostitution and theirs has one on mental health professionals. Who has the better system?

Sometimes, women pay for it too
Evidently, the profession of gigolo is alive and well. And it's not just for flawed or weird women as Deuce Bigalo would suggest. One British woman gives her reasons and it's a little like Charlie Sheen's quote about not paying for sex but paying for them to leave. Read more about a fun female John...

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