WTF: Apparently, Dinosaurs Used To Have Premarital Sex

Photo: weheartit
Dinosaurs Had Pre-Marital Sex

History obviously repeats itself.

Modern day teens are notorious for having pre-marital sex. But what about teenagers from thousands of years ago ... errrr, millions of years ago?

According to a study done by University of California at Berkeley, paleontologists found some interesting facts about dinosaurs and losing their virginity. The scientists discovered that many dinosaurs had sex before reaching their full, adult size.

This means that dinosaurs also had a problem with teen pregnancy. It appears abstinence-only sex education didn't work for them either (thank you!).

The science behind this is as follows: Dinosaurs had a special, calcium-rich bone tissue that formed just before an egg was laid. This tissue allowed dinosaurs to form eggshells. And less-than-fully mature female dinosaurs were found to have this "medullary" bone formed, which is also found in modern-day birds.

The scientists discussed if this means all dinosaurs were sexually active before they were full-grown, but we think there's a different explanation that involves something a little more similar to the human experience.

We're pretty sure that there were older, "more mature" male dinosaurs involved, ones that weren't stupid and immature like those high school dinosaur boys. We would be surprised if scientists found any evidence of male dinosaurs having sex before reaching full-size. Dry humping, possibly. Full-on intercourse, highly doubtful.