Making Out: The Kissing Advisory!


When is the last time you made out with your spouse? I mean really had a kiss fest? In another of my very informal surveys, I found that most couples (married more than 4-5 years) rarely do more than smooch! You know, that hello-honey, see-you-later-dear, good-night smooch. Come on! Passionate kissing is erotic, sexy, and revs everything up. Don’t you remember?

Close your eyes and remember the first time you kissed your mate. Perhaps your date ended with making out, and sent you to bed anticipating the exhilaration of the next time you kissed. Where will it lead? When will you see him again? Where will he touch you next? I remember thinking, “OH.MY.GOD! This is heaven.” the first time Steve and I kissed. I loved it.

And now, here we have our husbands there, in our bed every night, and many of us are just pecking them on the lips. Why aren’t we taking advantage of this? Why not make out every night and relive over and over again the power of a great kiss? O.K., I agree, every night is a bit much, but you get the drift.

The passionate kiss is anticipation personified. A definition of anticipate is: to feel excited, hopeful, or eager about something that is going to happen. Why on earth wouldn’t we want to feel this way as often as we can?

SO. Here is my first stab at married sex advice. (Reminder: I am not a sex therapist, just an amateur advocate for making it better.)

The excitement and eagerness produced by the passionate kiss can last for minutes or all day long.

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