The Brain Is Women’s Largest Erogenous Zone According To Researchers

From Associated Press
By Linda A. Johnson

Voorhees, N.J. --
Sexuality researcher Beverly Whipple made her name a quarter-century ago popularizing the "G spot," the elusive female erogenous zone, but she has a different message these days: Move on.

"There's so many ways that women can have sexual pleasure," Whipple said. "We can't deny the experiences of women. We have to validate them."

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Tango’s Take
So, sexual pleasure for women is more than just a chemical response triggered by physical stimulation? Our hats are off to you, science. Well done. Whipple’s early research suggested that women could orgasm strictly from intercourse by stimulating the Grafenberg Spot, now known colloquially as “G.” Here at Tango we’ve known for years it takes more than touching: sometimes flowers, white wine and oysters are required. Chocolate is encouraged. And it’s amazing the effect picking up the check can have.If all else fails, of course, a bit of cosmetic surgery can apparently help. See the Tango Dish from Monday, March 7.