New Research Shows Sex Drive Low In Men Over 30

From Fox News
A lack of sex drive and erectile dysfunction may be a result of low testosterone levels in men over 30, according to new research. The research found that one out of four men over 30 have low testosterone levels, and one out of every 20 men have clinical symptoms linked to a deficiency, according to a study by the New England Research Institute. Researchers analyzed almost 1,500 men enrolled in the Boston Area Community Health Survey, aged 30 to 79 years and compiled data on the volunteers’ testosterone, symptoms of hormone deficiency, and medications that may impact sex hormone levels.

Tango’s Take See another Dish from today on asexuality. This is not a good sign. We’re a little surprised that Boston is having this problem. We’ve always thought that pahking the cah by the yahd neah Hahvahd sounded only like something that a guy with testosterone to burn would do. Maybe their joy at finally having won the World Series and broken the shmurse of the Bambino was not a good thing. Or they could have the same problem that Denis Leary has. See this YouTube clip. Read More Of The Original Article…

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