Wilmer Valderrama Is "Too Busy" For A Girlfriend

Wilmer Valderrama Is "Too Busy" For A Girlfriend

Maybe Valderramma has just hit his number.

From OK! Magazine

They say breaking up is hard to do, but for Wilmer Valderrama finding a new love has been even more difficult.

The 27-year-old actor, who in the past has been romantically linked to such beauties as Mandy Moore, Jennifer love Hewitt and Ashlee Simpson, tells OK! that since his 2004 breakup with Lindsay Lohan, he hasn't had another girlfriend!

"I've been single since Lindsay," he confessed to OK! at a launch party for his new clothing line Calavena. "After (the breakup), I just kind of went to work. The last four movies I've done happened throughout this whole time (I've been single). I was so inspired by working that I kind of forgot about my personal (life). It also backfires a little bit because you exhaust yourself. I've been away and I've been rarely home."

YourTango’s Take
Evidently, Wilmer Valderrama is too busy for a girlfriend. Only Ryan Seacrest can claim to be ‘too busy’ for a girlfriend and even he has the decency to look embarrassed when he says it. Maybe Valderramma has just hit his number. It’s like there are only so many miles in a car’s life and only so many hits in a baseball bat, maybe WV has run his hit his total. He had a good run, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Hewitt, Ashlee Simpson (pre-op, we hear) and Li Lo. He could make a pretty good run of it teaching other swarmy dudes how to score chicks way out of their league. Or he could go the less noble route and try to hold onto glory a little longer by tearing through the college drama club scene.

In Other Celebrity News:
It looks like Christina Aguilera (Xtina to her fans) is probably pregnant. We wanted to hold off on mentioning this one until she said something. Looking back, we’re wondering how she and Mandy Moore have so thoroughly defeated the pop princesses of their era? We thought that Britney’s early lead in the new Madonna category was insurmountable. And we thought Jessica Simpson was a world-beater in the beautiful, wholesome actress/ songstress category. But Christina and Mandy, kept puttin’ their pants one leg at a time and making gold frickin’ records. Good effort and early congrats on the baby.

Foxy Brown is also pregnant and probably going to jail. She is one hot mess. She had the world at her feet like 8 years ago. What the H happened? Hip hop stars, for the most part, are not like Mandy Moore and Christina Aguilera, they do not age well.

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