Jude Law And Cameron Diaz Are Said To Be Dating

Jude Law And Cameron Diaz Are Said To Be Dating

From The Boston Globe

(BANG) - Jude Law has flown to the US to be with alleged new love Cameron Diaz.

The British actor, who played Cameron's lover in festive comedy 'The Holiday', is set to spend a romantic week with the stunning actress.

A source is quoted as saying: "Jude is going to take her on a series of romantic dates this week.

"They had a lot of fun while making 'The Holiday' and this is the key to their relationship."

Cameron, 34, previously admitted she "fell in love" with the 'Cold Mountain' star, also 34, after working with him last year.

Tango’s Take We’re seriously considering an embargo on all Cameron Diaz rumors. A) She’s a little bit all over the place and quite possibly boy crazy. B) The tabloids just love reporting about her –  love it. Sop it up with a biscuit. C) People around her must love to talk. There’s always some insider info on this guy or that guy and Cameron. And one of these rumors is being used against Criss Angel in his divorce. Not good. Don’t get us wrong, a Diaz plus Jude Law relationship would be fantastic. She’s a little obsessive and possible volatile. He’s a smarmy playboy with a track record of infidelity. This could really be one for the record books. We’ll hold off on our Diaz-love-rumors moratorium for the time being. We don’t want to miss this one, allegedly.

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