What To Expect When Your Chart Ruler Is Retrograde

Associated with your rising sign and connected to how others perceive you, what does it mean when your chart ruler is retrograde?

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Retrograde phases often make people fearful. For example, Mercury is infamous for its retrograde cycle, which is known to be fraught with miscommunication and confusion. But Mercury is not the only planet to retrograde, meaning at times, your chart ruler (the planet that rules your rising sign) can be retrograde.

What to expect when your chart ruler is retrograde

When your chart ruler is retrograde, it presents a period of discomfort, the repetition of lessons and a connection to the past. However, there are many positive things tied to this transit, including a higher appreciation of ourselves and rediscovering a passion. It can also feel like meeting up and reconnecting with an old friend who teaches us how to learn and grow each retrograde cycle as we connect and (usually) evolve.




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Jupiter retrograde impacts Sagittarius and Pisces risings

When Jupiter is retrograde, it's a time for the Sagittarius and Pisces risings to analyze their philosophy and understand what the topic of the current Jupiter transit will bring to the house in their chart. Learning habits change and 'eureka' moments can lead to a better understanding of things previously causing problems.


Jupiter appreciates when the natives learn something new or develop mastery in something that they are currently working on. Connecting with your ideology, philosophy, and other people can turn this into a very valuable period for more personal expansion.

Mars retrograde impacts Aries and Scorpio risings

Mars retrograde teaches Aries and Scorpio risings how to get back on track and rediscover what ignites their passion. If they are feeling out of their element or unmotivated, Mars helps them reconnect with who they are and their goals, motivations and future.

Mars retrograde allows them to find old motivations and start new routines that help them flourish through planning and perfecting their foundation. Mars is the spark that helps them connect with their destiny and future. The retrograde period helps them to spark Mars’ flame and keep it burning strong.

Mercury Retrograde impacts Gemini and Virgo risings

Notorious and infamous Mercury retrograde will have Gemini and Virgo risings practice creating more equilibrium. Mercury impacts everyone’s communication and connection with others. These signs will experience challenging periods during this transit because it can disrupt them on a personal level thanks to miscommunication with family, friends and colleagues.


Mercury wants them to be more responsible, prepared and patient and is a prompt to change their communication style to be more diplomatic and expressive. Another effect of this transit is that Gemini and Virgo risings will learn how to be more connected with their emotions and to be able to express them with more courage and less anxiety.

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Venus retrograde impacts Taurus and Libra risings

Venus retrograde could prompt Taurus and Libra risings to be more conscious of their spending habits.

These signs could also feel the need to take a deeper look into their romantic relationships if they are partnered while single folks will want to rediscover love and what brings them joy. Venus retrograde can feel like a love song to the native. It's a period to connect with their values and rebuild a relationship with themselves. They can learn about what they want to tolerate in a relationship and what they will let go. Venus here opens their heart and makes them vulnerable so that when the planet goes direct, they will feel empowered to make choices that they may have been avoiding. 


Saturn retrograde impacts Aquarius and Capricorn risings

Saturn retrograde is a period when Aquarius and Capricorn risings will feel their ambitious sides awaken. Saturn shows them their strengths, limits and the potential that they have brewing within. This can feel like preparing for an exam and the retrograde period gives you a recap of the major study points.

Saturn retrograde can feel like a storm brewing. You see the clouds and feel the temperature changes as if the Sun is hiding from view. Just as during a storm you're urged to prepare by taking shelter, planning on getting essential items and taking stock of inventory, during Saturn retrograde, Aquarius and Capricorn risings are called to anticipate the changes and effects of the work you have done. Most importantly, Saturn wants you to make better changes for more efficiency in the future.

Uranus retrograde impacts Aquarius risings

Uranus retrograde is a period of uncertainty, confusion, surprises, changes, and self-awareness. However, Aquarius risings are used to the waves and welcome any disruptions. The natives can feel like they have been transported to another place in another timeline and are being forced to adjust.

New job opportunities, new people and new experiences are common here. But Aquarius knows the game and they will do their best to navigate the new terrain. As a fixed sign, they may feel uneasy but they will adjust as they await the planet turning direct. Appreciating the new experiences can be good lessons for them to remember as well as embracing the changes and going with the flow instead of fighting them.


Neptune retrograde impacts Pisces risings

Neptune retrograde can feel like waking up from a relaxing dream and being forced to face the gravity of reality. Pisces risings see the picture depending on which areas of their life they wear rose-colored glasses. Neptune's retrograde shatters illusions and could prompt the Pisces rising to develop more of an analytical stance researching, observing, and contemplating. Nevertheless, the transit encourages and pushes them to acknowledge the elephant in the room, depending on the house where Neptune is transiting in a period of transparency, honesty, and better communication.

Pluto retrograde impacts Scorpio risings

Many fear Pluto retrograde because it is a slow-moving planet that initiates several potent changes. Nevertheless, the Scorpio-rising natives will know how to handle the transformations linked to this transit. Pluto sets the tone for the energy in the house it is transiting. The natives can feel as if they have to rebuild a house and start from scratch. Pluto changes, transforms and gives us the tools to begin. Each retrograde period gives the natives a blueprint, to rebuild their foundation, get new material and create something stronger before the next transit begins.

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