Virgo Friendship Style And Friend Compatibility

Virgo friendships are often the most rewarding.

Last updated on Apr 11, 2023

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Virgos can come off as shy at first, but once they get to know you and you them, you’ll be glad you did. A Virgo friend will make your life all that much better and you’ll wonder how you ever went on without them.

In addition to loving animals of all shapes and sizes, Virgos are big fans of the great outdoors. Camping, biking, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, you name it, they've done it. If you love nature as much as a Virgo does, then you both will have tons to talk about.


It’s true that Virgos can be all work and no play, but when they do finally let go and relax, they know how to have a good time. So when you have the time, go and find out for yourself why Virgos really are the best friend you need in your life.

Virgo friendship style

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Virgo is a true friend.

Virgo is the kind of best friend that you can count on being your best friend forever. This zodiac sign takes that phrase to a whole new level. If it ever came down to choosing sides, Virgo will always pick yours. And if you ever needed them, they'd be there for you in the blink of an eye. There is no distance too great for Virgo to cross to get to you if you really need them.

Virgo is one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

Virgo has a heart of gold and a kind soul. You thought your 80-year-old grandma was sweet? Well, Grandma Nora ain’t got nothing on this Virgo. They're all about helping out wherever they can, saying please and thank you, and making people smile. Your parents will want instantly welcome them as a part of the family.

They notice the small things.

Virgos believe in paying attention to the small stuff. Sometimes the small details are more important than the big ones. They totally get that. If you get a new haircut or new dress, they’ll be the first to notice and comment on how great you look. You’ll love the instant confidence booster. They’ll also be the first to notice when something is wrong. You can’t hide from them, they’ll call you out and try to find a way to make things better.

Virgos are hard workers.

Virgo is a go-getter and the word “quit” is not in their vocabulary. They like to see things through to the end and make sure everything is done right — well, their way, anyway. You’ll never meet a person more focused or determined. If you ever get into a fight with a Virgo, they will make sure that it’s not long before things are good between you two again. They just won’t quit.


Virgo friends know what someone actually needs.

Virgo is a master of self-control. Anyone who says they can walk through Ikea and only buy the thing(s) they came for, is a total liar, except for Virgo, that is — really, it’s the truth! If you move into a new apartment, home or townhouse, a Virgo friend is the one that will help you figure out what exactly it is that you actually need. You might get annoyed with how practical they are at times, but you’ll totally thank them later when you realize how much money you saved because of them. 

Virgo knows everything about anything.

Virgo is a true bibliophile. They've read just about everything under the sun and could rattle off the names of the 20 authors they love the most. You’ll constantly be amazed at how much they know. And if you’re ever in the market for a good read, from horror to romance and everything in between, they've got you!

They're tidy and organized. 

And the best roommate/friend award goes to: Virgo! Seriously though, living with a Virgo will be the best decision you could ever make because they know how to keep a clean home. If you’re too lazy on the weekends to do the cleaning, they won’t mind doing it for the both of you. Your home will always be ready for company and you’ll love your Virgo friend all the more for it!

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Virgo friend compatibility

Virgo takes most things in life very seriously, and that includes friendship. Virgo is known for keeping a tight circle of friends and more often than not, once you're a Virgo's friend, you're friends for life. 

In order to have strong friendship compatibility with Virgo, it's crucial to be consistent, honest, and open. Virgo doesn't open up to just anyone, so they have to know that they can trust you. In return, you can trust that Virgo will always be open and honest with you — sometimes so much so that it might feel a little critical, however, they mean well. Virgo does best around zodiac signs that aren't too sensitive as sometimes their bluntness can be off-putting.

Virgo best friend: Taurus

Like Virgo, Taurus is dependable and loyal. Both earth signs, a Virgo and Taurus friendship is one of the most stable out there. The two zodiac signs have similar interests and even their differences are complementary. Where Virgo is practical and analytical, Taurus has a deep appreciation for beauty and can help Virgo see the beauty in everything when Virgo gets caught up in their own head.

In addition, both Virgo and Taurus are among the most hard-working zodiac signs. Though some may see Taurus as lazy, Virgo sees the results Taurus gets by working smarter, not harder, and appreciates learning some of the bull's ways.


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