The Type Of Father You'll Be, Based On Your Saturn Sign

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Saturn in astrology can tell you a lot about yourself. It can tell you about your ambitions, how tenacious you are, the rewards you will reap for your hard work, and how you deal with authority and authority figures. But did you know that Saturn can also tell you what type of dad you will be?

Certain planets in astrology reveal to us details of our relationship with certain people in our life. Saturn is a paternal planet and focuses heavily on your relationship with your father and what type of dad you will be, just like the Moon is a maternal planet and can show you what type of mom you will be.

Here's what each Saturn sign says about the type of father you will be.

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Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries can be harsh and regimental. But no one can accuse them of being impulsive. If it appears like that, you better believe the individual was plotting behind the scenes and told no one about it before they acted. As a father, people with Saturn in Aries are very protective of their children. They adhere to societal rules regarding gender and some prefer to have male offspring. Nevertheless, they will teach their children to be independent and strong-willed — and to keep their rooms clean at all times.

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus is very particular with money and always wants to know where each penny and pound is going. They can appear miserly to many but they understand that most people won't show up to help them out if they are in a tough spot and facing a financial crisis. Fathers with Saturn in Taurus will teach their children the value of money and investments when they are young. They will also instill healthy values regarding employment and how to be of value to earn good money. But they are not very patient with disturbances around the house, even though it is common when children are young.

Saturn in Gemini

Saturn in Gemini is not talkative. But when they do talk, they like to go deep and be really involved in a conversation. They also do not become friends with just about anyone. Saturn in Gemini fathers need to involve more talkative family members in the raising of their baby, otherwise, the child may learn to speak much later than babies and toddlers in their age group. Once their children are older, Saturn in Gemini will teach their kids the value of speaking only as much as is necessary and making sure it has the desired impact on the listener. They have a fun side to them though, and are good with puzzles. They will teach their children to favor intelligent games over roughshod.

Saturn in Cancer

Saturn is in detriment in the zodiac sign of Cancer. As in, the expression of the Saturnian energy in Cancer is contrary to Saturn's true nature. This is why people who have Saturn in Cancer can be contradictory fathers. They will be kind, loving, and benevolent in one moment but can be irrational, harsh, and rigid the next moment. It can make growing up difficult for their children as they do not understand why their parent keeps switching up on them. It can even make the kids falsely believe that they are responsible for the mood swings in some way. People who have Saturn in Cancer tend to express love in conditional ways.

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo handles authority and power in an odd way. Saturn in Leo fathers will raise their children to respect their elders and be obedient. They will not like it if the kids draw too much attention to themselves or behave in ways that do not fit their plan for their kids. Conscious awareness of this problem can help people with this Saturn be better fathers. Nevertheless, their children tend to look to them for advice and guidance even after they grow older and have children of their own.

Saturn in Virgo

Saturn in Virgo is very nit-picky about details and perfection. They also prefer working alone because they either do not trust other people to do a good enough job or have a tendency to micromanage. Saturn in Virgo fathers are very involved in the life of their children. They want their kids to grow and be the best in whatever they choose to be. Academic excellence is also a must with this placement. They will not tolerate poor grades. Saturn in Virgo dads are very protective of their children and are serious about their responsibility as a parent. They do even better when they are a single parent.

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Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra is a thoughtful placement for this planet. They handle authority beautifully and are not as overbearing as Saturn tends to be. Saturn in Libra fathers will raise their children with impeccable manners. They will teach them to value their reputation and always dress well to honor themselves and the people they interact with. They will also do everything they can to help their children gain opportunities, including opening doors for them through their social network. Their children develop tremendous respect for them as they grow older.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio handles power and authority in an odd way. They do not like disobedience and demand absolute loyalty. But they often feel like they cannot be very overt about these needs and tend to be controlling in a more covert manner. Scorpio is not a good placement for Saturn. As a father, people who have Saturn in Scorpio can accidentally expose their children to dangerous situations and adult ideas because of their own circumstances. This is aggravated if the parent is not stable in life or lives in a toxic environment. If the individual is mature, these problems can be mitigated.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius is the scholar who never stops learning. But no matter how much they learn, they are never confident of what they know. Insecurities plague them about the knowledge they possess and they hate traveling. As fathers, people who have Saturn in Sagittarius will expect their children to help around the house and earn their keep. They will also encourage their children to study and do well in school. They do not believe in spoiling their children and can be stingy with gifts. But they will try to make the home environment comfortable enough for their children that the kids can approach them if they ever need anything or want guidance.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn is very ambitious but not rash. They like to make measured moves in life and follow up every decision with more decisions so nothing goes wrong. As a father, Saturn in Capricorn will raise their children to want the best for themselves and work hard (and smart) to earn their place at the top. They will provide connections and opportunities to their children but will want their kids to show that they deserve those opportunities and are grateful for them. They don't mind spoiling their children with affection when their children show promise and reveal the potential for following in their father's footsteps.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius is an oddball. They are attracted to novel ideas and future possibilities but do not like to be rash about the execution of said ideas. As fathers, people who have Saturn in Aquarius will place heavy emphasis on learning and education through all means, both conventional and unconventional. They are the kind of parents to send their children to robotics summer camp while the rest of the world isn't even aware of such scientific advancements. These fathers aren't completely unconventional though and mix tradition with futurism very well.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces is a very religious placement for this planet. They believe in the power of imagination and creativity but may suffer from insecurities and inadequacies in bringing those visions to life. Sometimes they stifle the creativity in others because of the lack they feel inside. As fathers, people who have Saturn in Pisces are not very authoritative in raising their children. They give their kids free rein to do whatever they want and will interject only when the other parent or family members tell them they need to take a firmer stance. This can easily spoil a child and create a disconnect with the father. Weirdly enough, Saturn in Pisces dads do well in silence when they are in tune with their intuition. Their impulsive actions in parenting often turn out to be intuitive hits and lifesavers. 

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