Your Name Is Literally Written In The Stars, According To An Astrologer's Theory

An astrologer explains how to use asteroid names to find significant people and events in your life.

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Some astrologers believe that our names, along with those of the most significant people around us as well as big life and world events, are written in the stars. In many cases, personally named asteroids can show us the most important people in our lives as well as the outcome of specific situations.

According to astrologer Dimitri George in her book, ‘Astrology and the Authentic Self,’ asteroids can show us a great deal about who we are and the names of others who play important roles for better or worse. “Following are some striking examples from the charts of celebrities that illustrate the point," she wrote. “Prince Charles for instance has asteroids Camilla and Parks conjunct his Venus within 15 minutes of an arc. The name of his long-time love and new wife is Camilla Parker. Bill Clinton," she continued, "has asteroids Paula, Monica, and Asmodeus (the Persian God of lust) and William opposite his Moon and the asteroid Hillary conjunct his Moon as well as the asteroid Hilaritis conjunct his IC, (which is) the ground and anchor of his chart.”


Astrologer and TikTok creator Daniela, who goes by @thecosmiclatte, displays the above-mentioned page from George’s book and explains in a TikTok video, “Most of the major and minor asteroids used in astrology are named after Greek Gods and Goddesses but there are also 12,000 more asteroids that have been named after people, places, things. There is a Daniela asteroid," she continued, "and that is my name. There is a Chicago asteroid; there are a lot of names out there.”



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“This is my Mom’s chart," she said, pointing to a new chart on the screen. "In her first house, on her ascendant is the asteroid Daniela; can’t make this up. My middle name is Simone and it is conjunct her Venus and Venus represents motherhood too. My Dad’s name is Leonid and he is actually a Leo. I couldn’t find an asteroid named Leonid but there was one named Leonov and Leonidas. Leonidas in her 4th house of home and family and Leonov was in her 2nd house, and I’ve actually noticed a pattern of lifelong partners having that second house asteroid just based on what I was trying out today.”

She then goes on to explain how her own name is mapped out in the stars. “The asteroid Daniela was conjunct my Sun in Leo at the time of my birth," she continued, "so it’s fused with my identity and consciousness. I also looked up my partner’s name, Logan and he was sprinkled around my chart. Logos, the asteroid is on my Ascendant, and he’s also next to my twin sister Samantha at the very top. This is close to my parents’ names on the Midheaven."

How to find asteroid names in your birth chart

In her next video Daniela details how to find your personal asteroids and many of the lesser-known named ones.

First, go to to generate your birth chart. Then choose the extended chart option. From there, scroll down to the zodiac and house section and choose 'whole signs.' 


"Last what you're gonna do is go to additional objects," Daniela continued, "press asteroid name number list, press the letter that you want and scroll and find the name."

From here, click to calculate, which will generate your chart in the zodiac wheel form. Take a look at the chart to see the names of the asteroids you chose and where they appear in your chart.

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Using personally named asteroids has become much more common in astrology over the past several decades.

There are asteroids of many names and descriptions including Beer, Lie and Bilk! These and other named asteroids typically come into play often when events happen in the news.


When searching for asteroids that would apply to personal history or a world event substitutes must often be used as opposed to a correctly spelled name. Since far more asteroids have female names, the feminine version of a masculine name is often used; for example Josefa could be used for Joseph or Patricia for Patrick.

Our knowledge of asteroids is constantly expanding, and only about a quarter of known asteroids have been named.

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