Subtle Ways Astrology Warns You The Death Of Something Is Near

Death transits in astrology can represent a literal physical death or it can also represent the death of certain things in life.

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All important moments in our lives show up in an astrology chart, including death. Death can be a literal physical death, or it can also represent the death of certain things in life; a marriage, job, relationship or any other number of things that can pass out of our life.

A natural death within a full lifespan should be anticipated by the average person. When mapping out transits in your chart, remember that trying to predict your own death is generally incorrect unless you are a well-trained astrologer with experience in this area. Additionally, looking for your own death can generate a great deal of unnecessary fear and anxiety.


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Death transits in astrology houses

8th house

The 8th house of the natal chart rules death. To be more exact, it is considered the house of change and transformation, and death is the ultimate transformation of life. Many times death can be indicated by the planets that are in the 8th house or transiting the 8th house. This is not always the case, however, nor is the 8th house always involved.


Just because you have a planet transiting your 8th house does not mean you are going to die. Every year the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit the 8th house. Every 2 years Mars transits the 8th house. Every 30 years, Saturn transits the 8th house. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto may or may not transit the 8th house during any given lifetime.

Sometimes planets transiting the 8th house can represent the end of something, especially if they make harsh aspects with another significant planet in your chart. In addition to death, the 8th house also represents taxes, lawsuits, money and investments, other people’s money and sex. 

4th house

The 4th house of the chart represents the conditions at the end of life along with any planets located there or the planetary rulers. With Mars or Pluto in the 4th, the end could come in a violent manner and if Neptune is located in the 4th there could be unusual circumstances connected with death that could include drugs or drowning. Saturn in the 4th can indicate longevity.

That said, there are certain planets and combinations that can be associated with death. Death is not as easy to see in a chart today because fortunately, modern medicine keeps us alive in situations that 50 or 100 years ago would have killed us. For example, Neptune opposing the Sun can and has resulted in death in certain instances. Neptune rules many mysterious factors that can be involved in death including disease and especially degenerative diseases that today can be kept in check so the worst possible outcome does not occur.


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Harsh aspects to the luminaries

The Moon is significant in terms of functional disorders while the Sun shows hereditary disorders. Harsh aspects to the luminaries (the Sun and Moon) can indicate these disorders that could result in death at some point.

For example, in 2013 actress Angelina Jolie announced she had undergone a double mastectomy because she carried a mutation in the BRCA1 gene, which increases a woman's risk for breast cancer. This may have been a wise decision on her part since her chart shows the potential for both functional and hereditary disorders. Jolie’s Sun at 13 degrees of Gemini opposes her Neptune, and her Moon in Aries is conjunct Mars and opposes Pluto, so both lights in her chart are considered afflicted.

When both luminaries are aspected by malefic planets and neither has the help of Venus or Jupiter, this can be an indication of a violent or unnatural death. The malefics are Mars and Saturn and Mars is also associated with guns. While Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not technically considered traditional malefics, they can be in harsh aspect.



Saturn is considered the father of time for all of us. Interestingly, the planet is also considered the harbinger of a long life if well-placed or in the 4th house, or if the 4th house is ruled by Saturn. Saturn in hard aspect to the Sun is the most common placement when Saturn is involved in a death. Bear in mind, however, that Saturn will transit our Sun every 7 years in some form which can also bring about mini-deaths of things like relationships, marriages, jobs and other things in life than can end or be taken away.


Pluto is frequently associated with death or present in some way when death occurs, usually in a hard aspect to one or both of the lights. Pluto is the ultimate planet of transformation. 


Uranus can be found in hard aspects at times when death occurs, especially affecting the Sun, Moon or 12th house in some way. When Uranus is active in the chart at the time of death, it is often sudden and unexpected.


Neptune is generally associated with suicide, drowning, drugs or gasses along with mental health issues, unknown causes of death, unsolved homicides, or degenerative diseases.


Mercury or Mars

Mercury or Mars are typically involved at the time of death in terms of setting off a powerful configuration in the chart.

Jupiter or Venus

Jupiter and Venus are frequently nearby when a death occurs. These planets can act as a sort of guardian angel and some astrologers view this as a transformation into a better world. When Jupiter is in soft aspects death is often fast, painless or the individual dies while asleep or in a coma. Harder Jupiter aspects however can sometimes deal with Cancer.

There is no single aspect or planet that causes death.

While there may be markers in the chart of how a person may die, astrologers often look to the current transiting planets, or future transits in terms of impending death. Consideration of only one aspect is not enough and the chart must be considered as a whole over a period of time.


In death, our charts are as unique as they are in life.

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