The 3 Most Challenging Parent-Child Combinations In Astrology

Zodiac compatibility tells us that certain signs simply don't mesh, which may make parenting a little more difficult for some.

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At some point along their parenting journey, most parents encounter some difficulties. When that happens, you've probably wondered if you're doing something wrong — but according to astrology, parent-child zodiac compatibility may be partly to blame. 

When it comes to astrology, compatibility matters. But this doesn't just apply to romantic relationships! Your Sun sign can also influence your compatibility with your child as well. 


Understanding your astrological compatibility with your child can help you get a leg up when it comes to raising your child. But, there are a few parent-child zodiac pairings that tend to have the more difficult relationships when it comes to astrological compatibility.

The 3 most challenging parent-child combinations in astrology

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1. Aries parent and Pisces child

When it comes to difficult zodiac compatibility, the Aries parent and Pisces child certainly make the list — and this is especially true if you're an Aries mother with a Pisces daughter.

You see, Aries parents may find it hard to control their temper. Unfortunately, the Pisces child is very sensitive, which is why when these two collide it can be a recipe for disaster. So, the biggest lesson for Aries parents to learn is patience and self-control — be patient with your Pisces child and find outlets to control your temper. 

According to astrologer Leslie Hale, Pisces children thrive on creativity and love. So, be gentle with your criticism and find different ways to encourage them. 

Astrologer A.T. Nunez also encourages Aries parents to, "Teach the Pisces child how to fight back and believe in themselves."


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2. Leo parent and Aquarius child

Now, this is a zodiac pairing that doesn't have to be explained too much. You see, Leo parents are used to being social and the center of attention. But an Aquarius child? Oh, they absolutely hate this. 

As the Astrology Mom puts it, "You go to a family function and Leo parents like, 'Hey, go over there and talk to your cousins and talk to my sisters and your aunts and uncles and tell them about all the wonderful things you're doing.'" And an Aquarius child feels uncomfortable with it all. They're like, "Please take me home." 


You see, the Aquarius child hates feeling like an animal paraded around for other people's amusement. But then, what can you do? 

Find ways to compromise and meet them halfway there. Don't force them out of their comfort zone but be encouraging instead. As Nunez writes, "Inquisitive, determined, and curious Aquarius children need parents who encourage them to think outside the box." 

So, be their cheerleaders and help them learn to be proud of their accomplishments without feeling the need to brag about it to other people.


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3. Capricorn parent and Sagittarius child

Finally, we have the Capricorn parent and the Sagittarius child. This pairing can be especially tough if they're of opposite genders because the truth is they don't have much in common.

Astrology Mom explains, "Their morals are gonna be different, their hobbies are gonna be different, how they think, how they react, how they approach different situations."

Sagittarius children are known to be bright with an independent streak. And as these children grow older they'll want to push boundaries to test their own limits. This is why the best thing you can do is learn to stay firm in your boundaries. Sit down with your child and find ways to set boundaries that are fair for both parties. 


Moreover, a Capricorn parent should focus on teaching their children how to balance fun time and responsibilities, concludes Nunez. 

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