How Living On Your Astrocartography Moon Line Affects You

Connect with your emotions.

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Astrocartography is a sector of astrology concerning how planetary placements affect the way we feel and respond to certain places or areas where we live, wish to live or visit. 

When you look at an astrocartography map, you see a map of the world (or whichever area you are interested in looking at) with lines drawn through different localities.

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Each line links up with a particular planet that brings out certain qualities and connects you to others. 

When looking at the lines in an astrocartography map it is important to know that you can be within about a 600-mile radius of the particular line and still feel the effects. Of course, the closer you live, the more intense the energy is.

The Moon line in astrocartography

The Moon line on your astrocartography map represents the path the Moon traversed at your time of birth.

In astrology, the Moon is considered one of the most important placements. The Moon rules our emotions and what it takes to make us feel secure and at home. 


It rules our early familial life, our physical home, and in a man’s chart, it rules the wife and all of the women in his life. The Moon rules women in general and feminine energies, such as the mother and motherhood.

The Moon line in astrocartography shows us where we could live that would feel secure on an emotional level.

How living on your Moon line affects you

Day-to-day activities can be more important on the moon line and you could feel more satisfaction in terms of normally scheduled activities whether it's work or raising a family.

If you choose to live on your Moon line, expect your emotions to come into play in a bigger way. Nostalgia, sentimentality and even tears are a possibility along with feeling much more sensitive regarding yourself as well as others.


Typically, those who move to their moon line tend to feel as though they are in harmony with life, family and friends and feel safer than they do in other locations. A feeling of fitting in is common. Those you meet on your Moon line can end up being solid lifelong friends.

Since the Moon rules family, living on the Moon line frequently entails connecting with new (or old) family members, or uncovering information regarding family, especially on the Mother’s or Grandmother’s sides of the family. You might feel that karmically, you have been or lived there before, or the people you meet were connected in past lives.

The Moon line could make you feel secure and more capable of expressing emotions in a more positive way to others. Since the Moon rules home, it is also possible you could find what you consider your ideal home, especially if your desire is to raise a family, which is also under the Moon’s rulership.

The Moon line is typically a positive place to raise a family, face new motherhood (or fatherhood), feel settled, stable and as though you are in touch with what you really need to feel happy, or find happiness.


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While the Moon is basically positive, if you have for example, the natal Moon opposing Saturn this would be different than having an unaspected Moon or the Moon making positive aspects in your chart to another planet.

If your Moon sign makes harsh aspects in your natal chart, living on your moon line would also involve the harsher aspects.

For example, someone with the Moon natally opposing Saturn might feel isolated and lonely or caught up in responsibilities or obligations too much to experience the nurturing qualities of the Moon. Therefore, the Moon line might not be the best place for this person to live since the natal chart is not well disposed toward the moon.


Even for those without harsh aspects, the Moon line is not without its challenges.

The Moon is changeable and you could find yourself feeling overly sensitive and moody as the moon changes signs every 48 hours. Heightened sensitivity could produce feelings of vulnerability.

You could find yourself getting caught up in taking care of other people or being too deeply drawn into their problems.


You could find yourself staying at home more than you might be comfortable with.

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