How To Plan Your Week Almost Perfectly, Using Astrology

Understanding planetary energies can help you streamline your week while staying as productive and successful as possible.

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In astrology, each day of the week has a specific ruling planet or luminary. This means that each day of the week possesses a unique energy or influence based on its ruling planet and why syncing your activities with the planetary days of the week can boost your productivity.

How to plan your week using astrology



The Moon rules Monday

Have you ever noticed how we all seem to dread Mondays? That's no coincidence, because the Moon is the ruler of our emotions. In astrology, the moon symbolizes our desires, intuitions, and subconscious yearnings. The moon influences our search for security. The things we know without knowing — our instincts, hunches, and gut feelings. In a nutshell: The moon symbolizes the ways we express our deepest selves.


That’s why it is a great day to nurture and honor the connection you have with yourself. Taking even just ten minutes to do something simple you enjoy, like applying your favourite Lush face mask, can help cure the Monday blues.

Use this day to discover what truly makes you happy. Doing something small for yourself on Mondays will help you feel revived, refreshed and ready for a fulfilling week ahead.

monday planetary energy astrology the moon


Other ways to optimize your Monday, according to the stars:

  • Set a positive affirmation to repeat every morning in the mirror this week.
  • Get involved in creative activities that let you express your emotions.
  • Unwind with your favorite book.

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Mars rules Tuesday

Ready to conquer the week like a boss? Ruler of the rambunctious Aries, Mars infuses Tuesdays with a bold, passionate, and unstoppable energy. Mars is the planet of motivation, drive and vitality. As the ruler of the first house, the house of self, Mars also influences our desire to keep our bodies healthy. So, if you've been thinking of hitting the gym, Tuesdays are definitely the day to start.

In medical astrology, Aries rules the eyes and the head. That’s why there's an ambitious air to the day on Tuesdays, inviting us to unleash our creative genius. Whether you're starting that new furniture-flipping side hustle or learning how to knit, Tuesday is your day to shine. Try to spend at least an hour on Tuesdays exploring hobbies that keep you healthy or creative.


tuesday planetary energy astrology mars

Other ways to optimize your Tuesday, according to the stars:

  • Do an at-home workout routine. 
  • Start your side hustle.
  • Expand your knowledge in areas that intrigue you.

Mercury rules Wednesday

Mercury is the planet of communication and thinking. Co-ruler of Virgo, it brings a logical and detail-oriented approach to our interactions and thoughts on Wednesdays. Today is all about planning, prepping and organizing. Take inspiration from Marie Kondo and spend an hour or two getting those tasks that require a keen eye for detail done. (Btw: She's a Virgo in Vedic astrology!) Wednesdays are a great day to dedicate to dusting your neglected bookshelves and decluttering your closet.

In medical astrology, Mercury rules the stomach and intestines. That's why Wednesdays are also a suitable day for grocery shopping.


Whether meal prepping or organizing your taxes, Wednesday offers the ideal backdrop for getting your ducks in a row. 

wednesday planetary energy astrology mercury

Other ways to optimize your Wednesday, according to the stars:

  • Make Wednesday your in-office work day. 
  • Network and expand your professional circle.
  • Make a to-do list for the week ahead.
  • Build new time management habits.

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Jupiter rules Thursday

Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth and higher education sets the stage for a day filled with growth and exploration. If you're a student, you’re definitely gonna want to schedule your classes or some meaningful study time on this day. 

But Jupiter’s not just about hitting the books — Jupiter also influences our thirst for spiritual enlightenment. So, if you've been itching to dive into the world of tarot or embark on a meditation journey, Thursday's cosmic alignment is your cue. 

thursday planetary energy astrology jupiter

Other ways to optimize your Thursday, according to the stars:

  • Take time to assess your beliefs and values and whether they align with your dream lifestyle. 
  • Consume books, podcasts, or documentaries that expand your worldview.
  • Schedule your weekend travel plans.

Venus rules Friday

As the planet of money, Venus infuses Fridays with an abundant aura. No wonder Friday is usually payday for many of us! That being said, Friday is a good day to arrange automatic contributions with your bank. This ensure you save instead of spend this new year. 

In our birth chart, Venus reveals how we give and receive love. That is why today is a great day to set up a date night or girls' night out.

friday planetary energy astrology venus

Other ways to optimize your Friday, according to the stars:

  • Set aside time for financial planning.
  • Practice mindfulness and gratitude.
  • Engage in activities like yoga or meditation.

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Saturn rules Saturday

Saturday, often perceived as a day for relaxation, is actually the prime time to kick things into high gear. In astrology, Saturn is the planet of concentration, permanence, tangible rewards, tenacity, ambition, and productivity. As the ruler of Saturday, it urges us to work hard and concentrate on tasks with care and discipline. Embrace Saturn's energy on Saturdays by waking up early, running errands and finishing all those household chores.

saturday planetary energy astrology saturn


Other ways to optimize your Saturday, according to the stars:

  • Set new long-term goals. 
  • Read a self-help book. 
  • Tackle home improvement projects. 

The Sun rules Sunday

While many are aware that Leos rule the Sun, it's less known that the Sun also presides over the fifth house in astrology. This house, often dubbed the "house of pleasures," reflects elements of our passion, self-expression, creativity, relationships and children. That’s why Sundays are the perfect day to unwind and enjoy the simple pleasures in life with loved ones.

sunday planetary energy astrology the sun

Other ways to optimize your Sunday, according to the stars:

  • Honor your inner royalty and pamper yourself with a spa day.
  • Enjoy some vitamin D and take a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Set your intentions for the week ahead.

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