6 Easy Techniques To Declutter Your Closet Without Getting Overwhelmed

It's time to make better use of your space.

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Even for the dedicated stress cleaners and professional “tidiers” out there, the closet is a beast that nobody likes to attack.

That rhinestone shirt from 2002? It’s not going anywhere. The fedora from last year’s Halloween costume? There’s just no way you could let that go. It’s not just the clothes themselves that make it so difficult to downsize, but the sentimental value and memories each item holds.


So, how can you separate the two and finally give yourself enough space to house your functional and appreciated pieces? 

Stephanie Dulgarian, founder of Somewhat Simple Living, helps to simplify the process of decluttering your closet space by providing intentional and thoughtful techniques.

"If you’re having a hard time deciding what to keep and what to purge," she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post, "these creative approaches can make the process more engaging and help you make thoughtful choices about your wardrobe."

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Here are 6 easy techniques to declutter your closet without getting overwhelmed.

1. Close your eyes and think of the clothes that you’re genuinely excited to wear. 

Are they closed? 

Now, really think about what you want to wear in your closet. Is it that incredibly comfortable sweater from Christmas or last season’s jeans that you just can’t let go of? What are you excited to wear right now? 

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We’ve all fallen victim to keeping clothes around that don't serve us anymore. In fact, 85 percent of women keep clothes in their closets that don’t even fit them anymore. So, stop letting these clothes influence your self-confidence and take up space for clothes that could genuinely serve you.

Dulgarian advised, "If you grab something and immediately think, 'I don't love this color,' or 'This needs to be ironed every time I wash it,' or 'It's too tight around my arms,' — Get rid of it!"

2. Imagine you’re in the hospital and ask a friend to grab clothes for you — What would you be disappointed in them bringing? 

What’s one tried-and-true way to make sure that your friends are bringing you your favorite clothes? Ensuring your closet is only filled with clothes you love. 

When you keep unnecessary clothes in your closet, whether they are the wrong size, unflattering, or just uncomfortable, you’re leaving the door open to a fashion emergency at the hospital. 


In all seriousness, there’s no point in keeping them there. Think about what you’d be happy seeing in an overnight bag (and what you’d be less happy to see) and start donating things from that standpoint. Whether you’re swapping, selling, repurposing, or donating, it’s definitely time to let some of those items go.

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3. Try 'The Hanger Experiment.'

Turn all your hangers backward, and only after wearing an item turn it the right way. At the end of the season, you'll know exactly what you didn't wear.

If you never wore them, why do you have them? Send them to a new home or repurpose them to ensure they’re not just collecting dust. 


6 Easy Techniques To Declutter Your Closet Without Getting OverwhelmedPhoto: Photoroyalty / Shutterstock

4. Instead of focusing on the number of pieces to keep, dedicate a specific space to each category of clothes. 

According to Dulgarian, you should "allocate a set amount of space for each clothing category (e.g., jeans, shirts). If it overflows, something must go."

Within the allocated spaces, you can always utilize organizational hacks to make the most of your closet. 




A former professional organizer on TikTok, known as @sweetandtidy_, suggested several hacks for utilizing your closet space and ensuring that you have room for the clothes that you really want. 

Firstly, use “baby hangers” for your pants — not only does it give them less room to slide around, but it gives your closet a “cleaner” look without taking up extra space. Her other two hacks are to purchase hanger hooks and a “shoe organizer” that eliminates unused space and clutter. 

5. Pick up an item and decide within five seconds whether it stays — trust your instincts. 

In the same way we trust our gut with new relationships, strangers, and friends, we should trust it with our clothes.


If you pull out a sweater and feel unease or discomfort just from looking at it, get rid of it. Whether it’s tied to unhealthy memories or just simply uncomfortable, it shouldn’t take up space in your closet. 

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6. If you wouldn’t purchase the item today, it’s time to let it go.

Lastly, Dulgarian suggested taking a broader look at your closet. If you saw an item in stores or online today, would you buy it again? 


If not, it’s probably not worth having. Instead, think about selling or donating it to someone who will be more excited to add it to their collection. 



The power of closet organization is real.

You only need to look to “closet Feng Shui” for inexplicable evidence. When we declutter, intentionally organize, and maintain our spaces, our entire life shifts to introduce harmony and peace

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