Your Neptune House Placement Reveals The Areas Of Life You Tend To Wear 'Rose-Colored Glasses'

In astrology, Neptune is associated with nebulousness and at times, delusion.

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Neptune is one of the outer planets in astrology that rules the sign of Pisces in modern astrology. Neptune is associated with nebulousness and at times, delusion. When Neptune transits occur and impact one of our natal placements, it can alter how we view things during this period. It is up to the native to break away from the spell of Neptune when a key transit is occurring in their chart. However, our natal Neptune can unlock how others view us or even take advantage of us. 


According to Astrology and TikTok creator @thefinestlilly, our Neptune placement can show us where people think we are dreamy or try to take advantage of us.

Effects of Neptune in the houses



Neptune in the 1st

“You actually look like you came out of a fantasy book," @thefinestlilly said. "People have the tendency to think you’re superficial or idealize you too much. Might not be the most trustworthy.”


Neptune in the first house morphs into the form we want to see someone, making it easy for strangers to project onto the Neptune native. Even when Neptune is not trying to do anything, people will still make up things about them or worship them. This is a powerful placement because the native can be extremely popular.

Neptune in the 2nd

Having this position in the natal chart can make the native not appreciate who they are and not understand their worth. @Thefinestlilly noted that people can use Neptune in the second native for their money. This is something to be wary of with second-house synastry. Neptune needs to learn that they don't need to show their love through material or excessive spending. Developing better structures with finances can help the native.

Neptune in the 3rd

These natives tend to be “smooth talkers," according to @thefinestlilly. "You have the voice of sirens. You lure even the bravest in with your melodic voices or writing. People tend to underestimate your intelligence or use you for your intelligence."

Neptune in the third can be Pinocchio or a profound philosopher, depending on their sign and aspects of their natal Neptune. They can indeed be “smooth talkers” which can make it easy for them to exaggerate the truth. On a positive note, Neptune in the third is extremely creative and makes great storytellers. In relationships, this placement needs to be honest, especially since other transits can dig up the truth. 


Neptune in the 4th

Neptune in the fourth needs to learn how to build a solid foundation with all of their relationships, starting from home, as "people you consider family might use you to feel more secure with themselves,” @thefinestlilly explained. Honesty is essential because they will delude themselves by trying to see the best in others even when they have been hurt. Neptune needs to learn to create boundaries here and learn to be more objective when interacting with family and friends. However, it can also be a good placement that allows Neptune to understand someone's intentions because they will learn early on. 

Neptune in the 5th

With this placement, the native needs to make their Neptune placement works in their favor. Focus on your hobbies and grow with them. This is also a position that activates our dating life and the people we encounter romantically. I wouldn’t say that people will have shady intentions, but the native has to be very conscious about their worth in relationships and have people they trust opine on their partners if they can't see them for who they are.

Neptune in the 6th

Neptune needs to discover what they want in their career and what makes them passionate. There is nothing wrong with Neptune being in a career that allows them to help others because this is where they will feel most fulfilled, but "people have a tendency to use you because you try to do too much for others. Always giving and giving,” said @thefinestlilly. The native can build good relationships with colleagues and their bosses, as long as the work they do helps them feel proud and keeps them inspired.

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Neptune in the 7th

Similar to Neptune in the 5th, the native needs to learn to see their partners for who they are, this also includes friends and business partners. This placement has "a hard time seeing the nightmare within the dream you created of someone, @thefinestlilly said. "That’s how you get taken advantage of.” Make sure to double-check contracts if you enter an agreement with a trusted professional. When dating, make sure to have people who are honest and trustworthy evaluate who you date before entering a serious relationship. Be a step ahead.

Neptune in the 8th

A placement that promotes constant transformations because Neptune here is powerful and cannot be controlled. Neptune natives can attract partners that want to control them, but Neptune here can create a balance in the relationships. The native has a strong will and faith. It is also a placement that can encourage the native to learn more about finances and not be as impulsive with their spending habits since Neptune can blur and push us all to "treat ourselves" once in a while. 

Neptune in the 9th

Neptune in the 9th can make the native extremely spiritual. @Thefinestlilly states that the native can find spiritual charlatans that will try to take advantage of the Neptune native. The beauty of Neptune here is that they can develop their spiritual practice that allows them to expand, grow and connect to their spiritual side on their own. This is a placement for people that will always seek to learn and research things related to philosophy and theology.


Neptune in the 10th

Neptune here can be very charitable, humane, and kind. They want to help others and entering jobs in fields that can help them make a difference could inspire them. "The thing is that people might use you to get ahead in life or make themselves look better," @thefinestlilly said. People will always be interested in this person, which can make them popular and some people may even envy them. 

Neptune in the 11th

"You have this larger-than-life vibe. You manifest really well. Almost too well," @thefinestlilly explained. "The only thing is you’re impressionable and see the good in everyone. Don’t fall for who people portray themselves as or everything that they tell you." Neptune must be mindful of the people they allow in their social circle. Nevertheless, the native tends to attract like-minded friendships and community. A comfortable placement for the evolved Neptune because it makes the native feel free and ready to take on the world. When they learn to be more independent and spot people not aligned with their views, they can thrive and excel.

Neptune in the 12th

In theory, Neptune should be comfortable here because it is the house it rules. It can feel magical and, similar to the ninth house, they may develop an interest in learning more about topics relating to philosophy. "But you lack confidence at times. Live in your head. And people use this against you,” said @thefinestlilly, but the evolved Neptune will flow with the energy of this house, embracing their dreams and intuition. Neptune here holds great power as long as they respect, trust, and learn to prioritize themselves.


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A.T. Nunez is an Afro-Latina Astrologer and philosopher living in NYC. She is passionate about astrology and aims to continue writing more about stargazing in the future.