How To Find Your Soulmate's Rising Sign, According To An Ancient Vedic Astrology Technique

Using Vedic astrology, you can narrow down your soulmate's rising sign.

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Vedic astrology is a powerful and thorough astrological system utilized for predictive astrological readings. It is an ancient system that has been used for thousands of years, originating in India. It differs from tropical astrology because it utilizes the Sidereal System for transits and other predictive techniques. Like the Sidereal system, Vedic Astrology focuses on the stars and their present location in the sky. However, Vedic Astrology also has Nakshatras, known as Lunar Mansions, which add a layer of complexity and detail. 


Just as Western astrology can be used to provide insights into potential soulmates, there are certain ways to tap into Vedic astrology for the same.

How to find your soulmate's rising sign in Vedic astrology

Licensed Clinical Therapist and Astrologer Camila Regina uses a riveting and compelling technique to discover the rising sign of your soulmate or future spouse. Regina uploaded a TikTok describing the process, which relies on the application of Vedic astrology and generating your two divisional charts, the D-1 Rasi and D-9 Navamsa.



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We begin this journey by finding our sidereal Moon sign and utilizing both the D-1 and D-9 charts to see more details about our future partner’s potential Ascendant sign.

Step 1: Look up your D1 or D9 vedic chart.

Find your Vedic chart and generate your D-1. Make sure to choose the sidereal chart.

The D-1 Rasi chart in Vedic astrology is your birth chart. If you are accustomed to the Western/Tropical system, this means that your sidereal placements will be 23 degrees behind your sign. So if you are a 22-degree Aries Sun in Tropical, your Vedic Sun is 29 degrees Pisces.

The D-9 chart, also known as Navamsa, can show the strength of your natal planets, and how lucky you may be and it can be utilized to see your marriage. The D-9 in this case is essential to check anything relating to your partner because it is used for marriage. Of course, a professional astrologer will be able to unlock what all of this means in your D-9. 


Step 2: Look up the degree of the Moon in the D1 & D9 chart.

Look at the degrees of your Moon sign in the D-1 chart and write it down. Generate your D-9 by looking for the Navamsa chart in Astro-seek. Write down the Moon’s degree for your D-9 chart as well.

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Step 3: Find what planet the degree of your moon belongs to.

Regina provided details for each degree in her TikTok so you can see where your degree falls while she gives a great explanation. 

Depending on the Moon's degree (in both charts) falls, it will show the ruling planet for those degrees. For example: 0 to 3*45 degrees = Saturn, 3*45 to 7*30 degrees = Jupiter, 7*30’ to 11*15 degrees is Mars, 11*15’ to 15 degrees = Sun, 15 to 18*45 degrees = Venus, 18*45 to 22*30 degrees = Mercury, 22*30 to 26*15 degrees = Moon and 26*15 to 30 degrees = Ascendant.


Step 4: Find the sign of the ruling degree planet in your chart.

Once you discover whether a planet or rising rules the degree (see step 3 for the degrees ruler), go back to your birth chart. The sign that matches the planet/rising in your natal chart is the sign of your future spouse. For example, if your natal moon's degree is 8 degrees, look at your natal Jupiter's sign which will be that of your future spouse in either their D-1 or D-9 chart.

Repeat the same steps utilizing your D-9 Navamsa chart to see other potential rising signs for your future spouse that will appear in either their D-1 or D-9 chart.

Please note that both the sign and its sister sign could be clues. So if the sign that was generated is Leo, they could be Aquarius rising as well. Your spouse will have their Ascendant in either their D-1 or D-9 in this sign.


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