Your Relationship Has A Rising Sign — Here's What It Means

Your relationship has its own birth chart.

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You know about sun sign compatibility and maybe even about the love synastry between you and your soulmate. But did you know that you can map out an entire birth chart for your relationship with your partner? It's called a composite chart in astrology, and you can generate one for free using an online composite chart calculator with your and your partner's birth details.

Like any astrology chart, your relationship's composite chart has a rising sign, a sun sign, a moon sign, and so on. Every point on this chart is based on the midpoint between the corresponding planets and angles of your and your partner's charts. In essence, a composite chart reflects the energy that's created when two people come together.


Here's what your composite rising sign reveals about your relationship with your partner.

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Composite Aries rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Aries, your relationship is dynamic, full of energy, and a force to be reckoned with. When the two of you come together, it rains ideas, inspirations, adventures, and camaraderie. You may even come across as a young couple, regardless of your individual ages or the actual history of your relationship. A composite rising in Aries also reveals an instant sexual attraction to one another and a lot of fearlessness when it comes to being together and discussing everything under the sun. You probably went from zero to two hundred real quick!


Composite Taurus rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Taurus, your relationship is stable, undramatic, and a source of peace and safety for both of you. It's also a beautiful relationship in the sense that when you and your partner are together, people think you were meant to be together or look exceptionally good together. Your individual self-esteem and personal beauty can also experience a glow-up because of your relationship.

Composite Gemini rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Gemini, your relationship comes across as youthful, energetic, and full of conversations... and it is! Both of you love sharing ideas and gossip with each other and will mix your friend groups together, making your circles even larger than they were. Playing pranks and laughing at all hours of the day and night are also indicated in a relationship that has a composite rising in Gemini.

Composite Cancer rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Cancer, your relationship is sweet, sentimental, and nurturing for both of you. You feel at home with each other and bring that energy to any gathering you attend too. The desire to start a family as soon as possible is also strong here. You cannot hide anything from each other and will feel no shame crying in each other's company. For some, a composite rising in Cancer can lead to a strong telepathic bond between the partners.

Composite Leo rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Leo, your relationship is glamorous, fabulous, extraordinary, and all the superlative adjectives one can find in a dictionary. The two of you can easily make people envious of your camaraderie and sexual chemistry, so be careful of what you share on social media! Some couples with a composite rising in Leo can even set trends in their community without realizing others are copying them. But your relationship can experience highs and lows because of strong feelings and hurt pride from time to time.


Composite Virgo rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Virgo, your relationship is steady, unassuming, and built on the little comforts of life. You may have had a non-romantic beginning too, maybe at the workplace or as acquaintances thrown together in a volunteering project. Both you and your partner understand what each brings to the relationship and expect of the other for communal happiness and peace. And while composite rising in Virgo may be an unromantic energy, it grounds the relationship in something solid and real.

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Composite Libra rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Libra, your relationship began with the common rules of courtship. There were push and pull and seductive glances thrown at each other before you stepped closer one day at a time. You come across as a solid team and are fondly looked upon by your relatives and acquaintances. Some people may see your relationship as something to aspire to because of the ease between the two of you. You are not the kind to air your dirty laundry to the world.

Composite Scorpio rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Scorpio, there's no denying the intensity of your attraction to one another. But the relationship's intensity and rollercoaster tendency can make people uncomfortable when the two of you are together in their presence. You may sometimes fall into your own bubble even when you are in a crowded room. But this can make your close friends and family feel as if you do not consider them important enough to pay attention to now that you are in a relationship. Sexual fetishes and alternative tastes in music and culture may have brought the two of you together.


Composite Sagittarius rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Sagittarius, your relationship is built on a common love for learning and books. You may both be scholarly or have met in a scholarly environment, like at a school, university, or at a party while you were discussing philosophy or some other heavy subject. Your sexual chemistry is excellent and both of you are friends first and lovers second. But the line between the two is slim and no one can deny your chemistry. Composite rising in Sagittarius can bring good luck into the lives of both partners because it is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune.

Composite Capricorn rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Capricorn, your relationship can feel like a business arrangement sometimes. Maybe it began as an arranged marriage or as a partnership of convenience. Both you and your partner are conscious of your reputation and the way your relationship comes across to others. Respect in your partnership is more important than blind love and heady attraction. Composite rising in Capricorn may not be very glamorous in a young couple (in fact, it can make you come across as boring and staid), but for older couples, this rising sign brings them admiration from their peers and is often looked upon as the ideal for respectability.

Composite Aquarius rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Aquarius, your relationship will be odd in the oddest of ways. Depending on your individual temperaments, this will either make your inner eccentric cackle in pride and joy or make you cringe away in fear of societal judgment. This rising sign is not for every couple because of how out of the ordinary it is. After all, everyone thinks they want an extraordinary love affair until they find themselves in one and realize they would rather have the white picket fence and the comfortable sedan.

Composite Pisces rising

If you and your partner have a composite ascendant in Pisces, your relationship may take a while to get off the ground. Fate and destiny may keep pulling you apart or messing up your time schedules so you never get to spend time together. Or, both of you may be too shy and find yourself making eyes at each other without ever doing anything else for years on end. Some people find it difficult to define their relationship when they have a composite rising in Pisces. But despite it all, you and your partner will have a strong telepathic connection right from the start. Some couples even have supernatural experiences (not ghostly, more ESP) in relation to each other.


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