5 Unique Traits Of Those On The Cancer Leo Cusp

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Being on a “cusp” in astrology means being born between two pivotal points that involve two neighboring signs.

Though you can only have one Sun sign, those on a cusp between signs may find that you're more influenced by the traits of the neighboring sign than others who fall more in the middle of each sign.

For example, someone born on the cusp of Cancer and Leo, or the Cusp of Oscillation, will be between 26 degrees of Cancer and 3 degrees of Leo.

Cancer season starts around June 21st through July 22nd, which is when Leo season begins. Those with birthdays falling on the Cancer-Leo cusp are born between July 19th and July 25th.

Cancer-Leo cusp traits

Being born under this cusp can make the native warm, charismatic, radiant, stubborn, natural leaders and optimistic. The native-born on the cusp balances the fiery bravery of Leo and the strength and resilience of the powerful Cancer zodiac sign.

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1. Warm

Born under the energies of signs that are ruled by the Sun and Moon means the native is usually warm and very easy to connect with. They can be popular since they know how to balance both energies.

Because they are usually emotionally intelligent, people can gravitate to them and will appreciate how kind-hearted they are. They will do what it takes to help a loved one.

Although they have Leo energy, they know when to keep it in check. Ruled by the Moon, they understand how to connect with others emotionally because it comes effortlessly to them. Building fruitful and lasting relationships is essential to them, so they do not go out of their way to hide who they are from those they care about.

2. Charismatic

Natives born under this cusp are not afraid to showcase their talent. They know how to get people to notice and easily make them fall in love with their personalities. They stand out without much effort because they have captivating personalities.

The native born under this cusp knows how to get people to pay attention to what they have to say. The charisma of the Cancer-Leo cusp native is unmatched. It is tough to be born under this cusp and not display any of the Sun's power or the Moon's grace.

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3. Natural leaders

It is easy for them to assume leadership positions because they are relatable people with warm personalities. Even if they are the boss, their colleagues or employees can develop a sense of trust around them.

The nurturing side of the Moon will be witnessed at work. They could be viewed as a friend and someone that cares about their employees. However, when they need to be strong leaders, cardinal energy will take charge and control.

The native knows how to be humble even when they are in positions of power.

4. Stubborn

Having two luminaries on the cusp shows that the native can be stubborn due to the fixed energy from Leo. With this mindset, it is tough for them to switch their mentality.

Both signs can be willing to forgive, depending on the situation. However, they will not forget and if pushed enough, they could hold a grudge. Their warm and caring nature could easily switch once they feel that they are being wronged by others.

5. Optimistic

While the native can be very realistic, they still reserve a space in their hearts to be optimistic, especially when things might not be going as planned.

Those with additional personal planets in Leo in their natal chart might see the bright side of a situation, even if they are not seeing the results at that instant.

Their confidence could play a lot depending on the situation. Knowing that they can succeed and triumph regardless, can keep the natives fiercely determined and optimistic.

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