The Best Dates To Get Engaged Or Married In 2024, According To Astrology

There are certain days this year that are the most auspicious for relationships.

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According to astrology, the best dates for marriage are those linked to Venus and Jupiter, two powerful benefic planets that bring harmony, happiness and passion when they are aspecting one another or other planets.

Of course, each individual natal chart plays a major role in the best days to get married or engaged, and you can even look at your chart to reveal when you're most likely to get married. But according to professonal astrologer Anastasia Fedoryaka, there are certain dates in 2024 that are benficial for all relationships. 




And even if you are not looking to get engaged or married, these days can offer some perfect periods to initiate projects that will keep us “committed” for some time. 

The best dates to get engaged or married in 2024, according to astrology

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February 19 - 22

On these days, "Venus comes together with Mars, the planet of action, in a once-in-a-two-year conjunction," which Fedoryaka explained is "a beautiful omen for a happy marriage."

Venus and Mars are two powerhouses representing the dynamic of Libra and Aries / Taurus and Scorpio. When these planets come together, there is immense passion and love and the chemistry can be off the charts, especially in synastry. Venus and Mars are opposites, but they bring a spark that can keep any relationship or marriage interesting in the long run.

Of course, other aspects have to be seen that can create the “glue.” While Venus and Mars can keep the excitement and attraction, more stabilizing and grounding aspects are needed for the longevity of any relationship.

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March 11 - 25

According to Fedoryaka, these dates are favorable for relationships because "Venus, exalted in Pisces conjoins Saturn, the planet of commitment," making your relationship not only "emotional and passionate but also long-lasting."

The glue of any relationship is Saturn. We need Saturn in synastry as well to have the partners coming back to one another and making both parties willing to grow and love as the years progress. It is also a tool to help both parties level up and give their all to a connection. In her video, Fedoryaka noted that Saturn is the planet of commitment. Saturn can feel cold and rigid, but in Pisces, we see some warmth, optimism and adaptability, making any marriage interesting during this time with the mutable energy in the sky. Having Venus in its exaltation adds a touch of romance, passion, and optimism to any connection.

May 7 - 22

When "Venus in the sign of rulership, in Taurus, conjoins Jupiter," Fedoryaka explained, it's a "very fertile, romantic and abundant time."

Venus is in domicile in Taurus. It is where the planet thrives. Having this in the marriage chart can bring many positive things because Venus in this earth sign also promotes stability. Venus here needs to commit since it does not want to be rushed. Venus in Taurus is methodical and enjoys the beauty of the world. Marriages under this transit can have artistic, passionate and flirtatious themes. Venus here can be playful and enchanting and appreciates exploring (as long as it’s luxurious). We can see a relationship grow, partners evolving and, because it is of a fixed modality, the relationship will be hard to change or break.


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June 3 - 5

"June 3rd - June 5th Venus conjoins the sun, a magical cazimi moment in a sign of new romantic beginnings," Fedoryaka said, describing an enchanting and bright transit that brings beauty, optimism, hope and a lot of clarity. The partners will allow one another to shine because no one is stealing the spotlight. There is a sense of loyalty and commitment due to the pride they have for one another. This is a stellar period and a wonderful aspect of a marriage chart. 

September 3 - 16

On these days, "Venus is in Libra, another sign she rules," Fedoryaka explained. In addition, "the moon is waxing, helping us create balanced, equal and fair partnerships."


Venus in Libra is more of an adventurer because it is the sister sign of Aries. Venus is also at home in this sign because the glorious Venusian qualities are expressed effortlessly. Having this in a marriage chart promotes an ongoing adventure, periods of growth and a willingness to communicate. Venus here will have the partners take care of each other, love one another and be there for each other. This is a transit that can get better over time in a marriage chart because, in this relationship, love will conquer all.

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