Your Relationship Has A Zodiac Sign — Here's What It Means

The composite sun sign reveals what fuels your relationship.

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Did you know that relationships have their own birth charts? Comprised of a sun sign, moon sign, venus sign and more, composite charts take the midpoint of your and your partner's birth chart details to create a new chart that reflects the personality and energy of the relationship between the two of you. It represents the third entity that comes to life when the two of you are together.

The composite sun sign in particular reveals what fuels the relationship.




To create your relationship's composite chart, enter the birth information for both you and your partner into a composite chart calculator.

Here's what your composite sun sign reveals about where your relationship is headed.

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Composite sun in Aries

If your composite sun sign is Aries, you and your partner are learning to challenge perceptions, try new things together and embark on adventures together that neither of you could have dreamed of. The desire to step out of your comfort zone is strong when you are with each other. The energy of your relationship is extroverted even if one or both of you are introverts.

Composite sun in Taurus

If your composite sun sign is Taurus, you and your partner are learning to work together to establish something solid and steadfast in your life. This placement often leads to marriage, but other factors in the composite chart need to indicate the same too. You are practical about your future even if individually you find it difficult to go about this adulting business. Saving money, having security and looking good together are also important for this relationship to thrive.

Composite sun in Gemini

If your composite sun sign is Gemini, you and your partner thrive when you communicate with each other and learn through your shared experiences. Short-distance travel, expanding your friends' circles, making friends with random people you meet on your adventures and being cheerful in general are indicated here. While composite sun in Gemini does not guarantee a life-long connection, other aspects in the composite chart can provide further insight into the relationship's longevity.

Composite sun in Cancer

If your composite sun sign is Cancer, you and your partner feel at home with each other. The goal of your relationship is to build something that lasts and brings both of you emotional safety. The need to have children when you are together is also strong, even if one or both of you were opposed to that idea with other romantic partners.


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Composite sun in Leo

If your composite sun sign is Leo, you and your partner are learning to be larger-than-life together. Your relationship will build your individual self-esteems, unlock your creativity and teach you to exhibit your partnership to the world with pride. Sometimes one partner can become the other's muse, or vice versa, when you have a composite sun in Leo.

Composite sun in Virgo

If your composite sun sign is Virgo, you and your partner are learning to pay attention to the details of life together. The need to focus on the practical aspects of life is strong with this placement. From discussing taxes to housing to healthcare to child-rearing, nothing is off the table — and it's not discussed in the broad strokes, but in minute details. Composite sun in Virgo may not be glamorous, but it paves the way for a committed relationship.

Composite sun in Libra

If your composite sun sign is Libra, you and your partner are learning to work together in a partnership of equals. Good communication, solid decision-making and consideration for each other's sensibilities are very important for the future of this relationship. Composite sun in Libra also guarantees that you and your partner look good together to the world, regardless of what your personal definition of beauty might be.


Composite sun in Scorpio

If your composite sun sign is Scorpio, you and your partner either have a karmic tie from some past life to resolve between you or the purpose of the relationship is to help both of you act out your traumas and triggers and find healing. Unfortunately, this composite sun placement often leads to volatile relationships that don't last very long or have a tendency to become toxic.

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Composite sun in Sagittarius

If your composite sun sign is Sagittarius, you and your partner are adventurers when you are together. The relationship thrives on knowledge, good conversations, lengthy travels, engaging in new experiences and treating one another as best friends. Whatever your individual temperaments might be, the relationship draws out your generous side and makes you want to live larger-than-life. Composite sun in Sagittarius leads to a very philosophical relationship where both partners love talking about the big questions in life, and nothing is off the table.

Composite sun in Capricorn

If your composite sun sign is Capricorn, you and your partner don't have an aura of traditional romance around you. The relationship is more focused on where you are going and achieving big ambitions in the world so others can admire both of you together. This placement can sometimes lead to an unequal relationship where one partner is more in command than the other.


Composite sun in Aquarius

If your composite sun sign is Aquarius, you and your partner are learning to let your freak flags fly together and not care what stodgy people might have to say about your relationship. Your relationship thrives on doing unconventional things together, whether that's through an unconventional lifestyle, eating habits, dressing styles or something else. Both of you also have the potential to do a lot of good in the world through charitable acts together or by working on community projects together.

Composite sun in Pisces

If your composite sun sign is Pisces, you and your partner are deeply emotional about each other, and your relationship thrives on unconscious, unspoken, ethereal themes. You may even have a psychic connection to one another and be surprised by how easily your lives blend together to create a new normal. Composite sun in Pisces is a deeply spiritual placement for a relationship. And while it does not guarantee a lifelong commitment, it does guarantee that both of you will never forget one another even after the relationship fades away.

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