Theory That 'Jesus Is The Sun' Unites Religion & Astrology — And Sparks Debate

The theory connects many facets of religion to those of astrology.

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In Christianity, astrology is largely considered an "occult" study and looked down upon. That said, there are a few instances in the Bible that allude to astrology, and now one person has introduced a theory suggesting astrology and religion are more connected than many might think.

According to Instagram user @revivalofwisdom, Jesus of Nazareth symbolizes the Sun in astrology instead as opposed to an individual.

“With his 12 disciples; the 12 zodiac signs, the four Gospels for the four seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter)," he explained. "That’s why he [Jesus' is called ‘the Light of the World," he continued, "our risen savior, the Son (son) of God."


He went on to compare the seven days of the week to the seven planets and explained that Christians typically go to church on Sun-days. Likewise, "Christians celebrate the Passover and eat lamb in April. This is because the Sun has now passed the winter and hit Aries, which is the lamb,” he said. Here, we'll note that at 0 degrees of Aries, the astrological New Year, or first day of spring, begins and the Sun transits through the zodiac again for another 365 days. Aries is represented by the Ram symbolically, not necessarily a lamb. “Now the Sun is bringing things back into life," he continued, "and bringing back the warmth. Why do you think you say Amen at the end of every prayer? Amen (Amon) is a Sun God from Egypt."


He also explains a connection between Judas and the Scorpio zodiac sign.

"Judas stabs Jesus in the back and Jesus falls. J for Judas is this constellation Scorpio. When the Sun hits Scorpio the Sun/Son becomes betrayed and has to fall to the winter solstice, so the Sun gets betrayed by the J constellation,” he explained, adding that “Scorpios are also back biters and Judas is a backstabber."

Lastly, he connects a constellation visible on December 22 that resembles a cross.

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While this is an interesting view of the Sun in astrology, there is no astrological school of thought that confirms this opinion.

In astrology, both traditional and modern, the Sun is one of the two lights along with the Moon. The Sun is represented by the sign Leo, ruler of the Sun. The Sun represents the ego, and the very core of our essence and who we are and become. It is our true identity and the essence that we shine into the world as well as how we express our life and true self at its deepest levels.

Based on the video creator’s way of looking at this, my impression or understanding of this video is that we all have a Sun sign, so we are all a part of God, and Jesus represents the highest part of all of us, rather than existing as an individual who walked the earth.

The video itself stirred up debate in the comments, with many agreeing that "if he never existed how would u explain the millions of followers that he had and historical documents that proved that he actually walked out Earth?" as one commenter put it. 

However, another commenter explained that the theory isn't attempting to debunk Jesus' existence, but rather proves that "He exists, and that He is everywhere and everything."


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That said, viewing the 12 disciples as the 12 zodiac signs is not a new concept.

Other astrologers have noted the same idea of the 12 disciples representing characteristics of the 12 different Sun signs.

In the late astrologer Jean Dixon’s Book, ‘Yesterday, Today and Forever,’ Dixon described a vision she had of the 12 apostles while visiting a cathedral and kneeling in prayer. “I became aware of what seemed like a rainbow of colors,” she wrote, "forming directly over the main altar of the Cathedral and the scene changed becoming a circle of beautiful, brilliant intensity. The center of the circle began to form distinct and definite shapes. It divided into 12 segments, each containing the figure of an Apostle and a sign of the zodiac.”

Upon returning to her office, Dixon composed a list of names and their corresponding signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries: Peter
  • Taurus: Simon
  • Gemini: James the lesser
  • Cancer: Andrew
  • Leo: John
  • Virgo: Phillip
  • Libra: Bartholomew
  • Scorpio: Thomas
  • Sagittarius: James the Greater
  • Capricorn: Matthew
  • Aquarius: Jude
  • Pisces: Judas Iscariot and Matthias

In her book, Dixon also states that we as our Sun signs fall into characteristics represented by the disciples by sign and she wrote, “Each of us on earth must contribute in some small way to the goal of unity in Christ, which is our salvation. This plan is written in the heavens. It is immutable. It is a plan for yesterday, today and forever.”

Of course, Dixon’s list differs from @revivalofwisdom’s video which claims that Judas is a Scorpio. In terms of his characterization of Judah as a "back-biting Scorpio," it is correct that Scorpio can sometimes be associated with back-stabbing as well as betrayal. On the other hand, Scorpio can also be considered an incredibly spiritual sign in many instances, and like all signs, this only represents the dark side or the lower tendencies. Scorpio, more than any other sign must choose the high road in life or the low road. Some Scorpios that have been considered spiritual leaders include Martin Luther, Billy Graham and Pope Benedict XV to name only a few.

There is no confirmed birth date or natal chart for Jesus or any of the 12 disciples, although there are many published birth charts for Jesus claiming to be correct.


Overall, this video presents an interesting theory about the Sun in astrology in comparison to the Son of God. It is also worth noting the creator of this video is not minimizing religion or faith in any manner.

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