Aries Symbol: Glyph, Origin And Meaning

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aries glyph

In astrology, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is a masculine sign ruled by Mars. A sign often thought of as a pioneer, it’s one that has no problem blazing a trail down an unknown path or completely going their own way. Aries is a fire sign known for being determined and strong-willed. While confidence is key, this sign often has to learn not to rush into anything that comes along, and instead be more thoughtful in their approach.

This is represented in the Aries symbol and glyph.

Aries' symbol is the Ram

Often depicted as the Ram, or even the picture of a horned goat, Aries' symbol represents the take-charge nature of this zodiac sign. The Ram represents the purest energy for this sign, which is that of taking charge and pushing through anything. It's akin to the object we call a "battering ram" used to push through and move things that are in the way.

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Aries is a strong and driven sign that rarely lets anything get in their way and often feels drawn to come to the aid of others. While not prone to softer emotions, this sign can lose their temper pretty quickly or feel that they run very hot or very cold with no in-between due to their often extremist attitudes.

Aries is also known for a sacredness and divinity that goes all the way back to Egyptian times, when rams were said to inhabit temples and were regarded as a connection to the Gods. This belief is the core root of what Aries represents — new beginnings, exemplified by being the first sign of the zodiac, and linked to Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

In many ways, Aries is said to mimic the nature of Spring in that, no matter how harsh or cold the winter was, the new buds of life always seem to find a way to push through the impossible and bloom.

Aries is the sign not just of embracing the new, but also of pushing through any barriers and accomplishing the goals or dreams we set for ourselves. While skilled at working through challenges, this sign has to be wary of being too impulsive and getting caught up in what feels like every great idea that comes along.

When starting something new, doing so under an Aries placement strengthens the energy and sets the intention that no matter what challenges may arise, we will stick with it and find success.

But there’s also a connection to spirit with this zodiac sign, as Aries is often known for being the "Light of God," meaning the thought that precedes any action or creation. It’s celebrated because of the ability to create something from nothing. This is also the relation to ideas that this zodiac sign represents because it’s not just the doing that Aries is gifted at, it's also formulating a plan and having the divine idea in the first place. Aries is truly a sign that doesn’t just bring inspiration to their own life, but also helps to inspire others.

While a part of significant mythology since Egyptian times, the Ram of Aries is associated with fertility and power. This is demonstrated in the Greek Myth of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, and the story of him creating a winged ram with golden fleece, later to be known as Aries. In this tale, the winged ram ends up rescuing another creature, only to sacrifice himself in the end.

In modern astrology, Aries is simply known for being the Ram which can power through and accomplish anything. Aries is also known for representing a connection to the masculine energy, anger, passion, as well as sexuality. The horns of the ram are said to connect to the cornucopia, signifying an abundant and fertile life.

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Aries glyph

The glyph of Aries is one of the most straightforward symbols of astrology. Usually drawn as a simple, almost "V" shape, it signifies the horns of the ram as well as the cornucopia.

Oftentimes, this sign is simply depicted in animal form as a ram, but also can be shown as the winged animal that is connected to the original mythology. Regardless of shape, the horns are an essential part of this sign’s energy because it represents strength and perseverance through any struggle to not just find success, but abundance in all areas of life.

Because of the connection to Springtime, it’s also said to mimic the early green shoots of spring that push through the soil on its journey to grow. A similar path that those with Aries birth chart placements take because of their ability to keep going long after many have stopped. But this is also a connection to ideas this sign is known for.

Another connection to the "V" of the Aries glyph is that it mirrors the shape of the female reproductive system, again carrying with it that energy of creation.

Aries is a dynamic and strong sign represented by those symbols of courage and perseverance. While essential for any project just beginning, this is a sign that has to be mindful of "butting heads" with those they disagree with. This stubbornness is a quality that this sign is known for; however, it can be used to their advantage if it’s a part of them carrying out their deepest passions and dreams.

This fire sign is one that isn’t aware of their own divinity until later in life, when they learn to control their impulsiveness and temper, so they begin to see the difference between distractions and actual inspiration. Yet regardless of when they learn this, the greatest quality is that the Ram keeps pushing through, keeps learning and growing, knowing that to succeed, they must embrace the new.

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