20 Signs You're An Old Soul & Have Lived Many Lives

Old souls are wise beyond their years.

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Have you ever been told that you’re an old soul? Maybe you thought it was a slight against your age, but it is actually a compliment.

People with old souls don’t care about the superficial elements of society. It has a much deeper meaning and more complex interests.

What is an old soul?

To be an old soul is about more than having an enhanced level of maturity. It’s about having a solid sense of self and forging your own path in the world.


Old souls don’t have toxicity in their lives, focus on positive thinking, understand what makes the world go round, and look at the big picture. They are wise beyond their years, and are grounded and intuitive.

Old souls are more common than you might think. There are no studies to tell how common because the label is so subjective, but it is estimated that 10-15% of the earth’s population are old souls.

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Those who have old souls struggle to find their place in the world because they find it difficult to relate to most, since many do not have the high sensitivity that they possess.

The reason some folks among us are old souls depends on their life experiences. Some believe that children who have experienced trauma become old souls because they were forced to grow up before their time.

From a spiritual perspective, old souls are believed to be reincarnates from past lives. They have been here before, and know how to navigate life in a mature and balanced way.

There is also the school of thought that says we all have the characteristics of an old soul. We come into the world fully awakened from our spiritual journey and the world set us back.


20 Signs You're an Old Soul

If you have been struggling to fit in, but feel like an outcast around people your own age due to your ability to relate to older people outside of your social circle, you could be an old soul.

But there are other signs that indicate you may be an old soul.

1. You like to spend time alone.

Old souls tend to be introverted and prefer to be by themselves. They are at peace in solitude and seek it when life gets overwhelming.

2. You are a student of life.

If you are an old soul, you believe that knowledge is power. You are always seeking to grow and understand, and have a burning curiosity within you.

3. You are spiritual.

Life as an old soul is full of spirituality. Others may not want to share their spiritual side, but an old soul feels comfortable speaking about it and connecting with it.


4. You are connected to your past.

Old souls’ lives are wholly dictated by the experiences of the pasts. They have a special connection with elders, and value the knowledge and insight they provide.

5. You spend a lot of time in deep thought about your life.

You use introspection to figure out how to improve your life. You take responsibility for past transgressions in order to create a better you.

6. You get that there is a bigger picture.

Old souls don’t feel the need to get caught up in the minute details of life. They are more concerned with the "why" than the "how."

7. You are not materialistic.

Another trait is that old souls feel satisfied with the smaller things in life. They don’t get pleasure from belongings and are more interested in meaningful things like friends and family.


8. You were a loner during your childhood.

Outside of family members, old souls were usually loners as kids. They were more mature than those in their friend group and preferred their own company over trying to fit in.



9. You are emotionally intelligent.

There are adults in this world who never get to the point of understanding the emotions of others. Due to their passion and sensitivity, old souls understand and relate to the feelings of other people.

10. You are wise beyond your years.

When you were a child, grown-ups talked to you as if you were one of them. They didn’t feel the need to guard their words in case you didn’t understand. As an adult, you relate to older people better than those in your age group.


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11. You give good advice.

You always know just what to say to fix a situation. People come to you for good advice and guidance. Old souls don’t give out misinformation. They provide well-thought-out responses when helping others.

12. You prefer to be at home.

Old souls feel deeply about the sanctity of home. They are happy in the comforting and peaceful environment they have created for themselves.

13. You need downtime.

Because old souls are so giving, especially to family members, they need to take time to recharge in order to show up again when they are called upon.

14. You are introspective.

Unlike people that look at external forces when deciding where to place blame, old souls look within to determine what they could have done better in every circumstance they encounter.


15. You feel accountable to your ancestors.

Old souls are fully aware that they are their ancestors’ wildest dreams. They feel a sense of responsibility to make them proud and carry on their lineage with respect and dignity.

16. You value people over possessions.

Because old souls are not materialistic, they prefer the things in life that make them feel connected. An old soul would much rather be poor but surrounded with people they love, than rich and alone.

17. You do purposeful things.

You don’t waste time on things that mean nothing. You like to take on things that align with your life’s purpose. Your desire to do good keeps you connected to the needs of humankind.

18. You go against the grain.

Old souls never follow the crowd. They are independent thinkers and are comfortable with following their own internal guidance, even when they are outnumbered.


19. You do the right thing.

If you always do the right thing, even when no one else is watching, you are an old soul. You are compelled to keep your convictions, no matter the consequences.

20. You recognize another old soul when you see them.

People with old souls are attracted to one another like magnets. You realize you are not the only one and seek out like-minded people to join your inner circles. When you meet other old souls, you instantly recognize that you are one in the same.

Is it good or bad to have an old soul?

Overall, having an old soul is a good thing.

It means you are highly intuitive, have emotional intelligence, and keep a balanced outlook on life. You are mature-minded and wise beyond your years. As an old soul, you have experienced a lot and have different perspectives and insight to offer.


However, there are some pitfalls for old souls.

It's hard to know where you fit socially. You may be too far advanced, mentally and emotionally, for your own peer group. Yet when it comes to connecting with people older than you, the assumption that you are "too young" can be a barrier to building relationships.

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