50 Best Trendy Pop Culture Couples Halloween Costumes For 2022 (That You Can Get On Amazon)

The best Amazon couples costumes.

50 Pop Culture Couples Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon Euphoria | Top Gun: Maverick | Scream

Calling all ghouls and ghosts! Spooky season is upon us! This time of the year is full of pumpkin picking, haunted hayrides, and most importantly epic Halloween costumes. 

Whether you and your partner are looking for something last minute, have a vision but just can't put it all together, or need some creative and fun costume ideas ... look no further. 

The pressure to find the perfect couples' Halloween costumes can be daunting, but we have you covered with the best trendy 2022 pop-culture-themed costume ideas around.


Here is a list of 50 best couples' Halloween costumes you can get on Amazon that will make you and your partner the life of the party. 

1. Barbie and Ken Costume Ideas

Barbie Ken Halloween Costume IdeasTop Photo: Brenda Rocha - Blossom | Shutterstock

C’mon Barbie (and Ken) let's go party! These costumes are easy to create, you just have to tap into your inner 80s.


For Barbie, you'll need the perfect 80s leotard, a blonde wig, and some hot pink leg warmers. This 80s colorful button-up is the perfect shirt for Ken. Pair it with a hot pink ascot (to match Barbie’s leg warmers obviously) and a pair of khaki shorts.

Make sure to tune into the upcoming 'Barbie' movie which will be released summer of 2023.  

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2. Elvis and Priscilla Presley Costume Ideas

Priscilla Elvis Presley CostumesTop Photo: Everett Collection


If you haven't watched the new 'Elvis' movie, you must. The Baz Luhrmann film follows Elvis through his career and the battles he faced with money-hungry managers, addiction, and falling in love.  

The iconic Elvis costume requires the staple white jumpsuit, of course, aviator sunglasses, and the Elvis hairdo.

For Elvis’ bride, Priscilla, check out this white lace mini dress, gorgeous veil, and long black wig.      

3. Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci: House of Gucci Costume Ideas

Patrizia Reggiani Maurizio House of Gucci Costume IdeasTop Photo: Everett Collection


If you loved the 'House of Gucci' movie, this couples costume is perfect for you and your partner. 

For Patrizia, you will need a black turtleneck, a gold chain necklace paired with large gold clip-on earrings, and complete the look with a white faux fur hat

This white cable knit sweater looks just like the one Maurizio wore. Just add some aviator glasses and white snow pants. Molto bene!     

4. Maverick and Penny: Top Gun Costume Ideas

Maverick and Penny Top Gun Costume IdeasTop Photo: Paramount (Top Gun Maverick)


Fans have been raving about the new 'Top Gun: Maverick' movie. Here's how to recreate the iconic Maverick and Penny look.  

For Maverick, this green pilot jumpsuit is a must. Add a pair of aviator sunglasses and you're ready for takeoff! 

This women's bomber jacket is perfect for Penny. Throw on a white button-down, and a silver watch to complete this classic look.  

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5. Batman and Catwoman Costume Ideas

batman catwoman costume ideasTop Photo: TY Lim | Krikkiat | Shutterstock


This is a costume that will never go out of style. 'The Batman' movie as well as 'Catwoman: Hunted' hit theaters this past year. 

This simplified look requires this batman t-shirt and black cape with a mask. Catwoman will for sure turn heads in this faux leather jumpsuit with cat ears and a matching mask.   

6. Alien and Astronaut Costume Ideas

Alien and Astronaut Costume IdeasTop Photo: HQuality | Shutterstock


There have been quite a few extraterrestrial UFO sightings and recordings this year… Whether you believe aliens exist or not, we can agree that this costume is out of this world. 

You’d be a space cadet to think this astronaut costume isn't awesome. This astronaut jumpsuit is perfect. Pair it with this helmet and you're ready for space!

An astronaut is nothing without an alien. Create the perfect alien costume with this silver metallic bubble skirt, metallic silver corset top, and green shiny boots. For accessories to complete the look, grab these futuristic silver glasses, a headband, and glitter makeup.   

7. Ted Lasso and Keeley Costume Ideas

Ted Lasso Keeley Costume IdeasTop Photo: Apple TV+ (Ted Lasso)


Fans have been awaiting season 3 of Ted Lasso which has been suspected to air this fall. 

This former football coach now soccer coach makes a great costume. You’ll need this track jacket, Lasso’s iconic mustache, a whistle lanyard, and a soccer ball. Keeley, a model-turned-PR consultant on the show, is the icing on the cake for the Ted Lasso Costume. Keeley will need this blue faux fur jacket, a fake ponytail extension, and accessorize with large gold hoops.

8. Dr. Strange and Cloak of Levitation Costume Ideas

Dr Strange Cloak of Levitation Halloween Costume IdeaTop Photo: Krikkiat | Shutterstock


The Dr. Strange movie was released in theaters back in May and is predicted to be a major Halloween trend. Dr. Strange and the Cloak of Levitation can be a unique and fun couples costume! 

Check out this Dr. Strange costume that can be paired with any black pants. Strange wouldn't be himself without his facial hair, which you can find here. This dynamic duo wouldn't be complete without the Cloak of Levitation. This red cloak is perfect, just wear all black underneath and you're ready to fight evil!  

9. Ruth Langmore and Ben Davis: Ozark Costume Ideas

Ruth Langmore Ben Davis Ozark Costume IdeasTop Photo: Netflix (Ozark)


Fans of Ozark can agree that this Ruth and Ben costume will be a winner this Halloween season. 

Ruth is seen wearing a similar flannel button-down in a scene of Ozark. She is recognized mainly for her blonde curly hair, which you can find on Amazon here. As for Ben, this denim button-down would be perfect. We can't forget his facial hair as well. Oh, and don't forget to slick back that hair!      

10. Wybie and Coraline Costume Ideas

wybie doll coraline costume ideasTop Photo: Coraline


This 2009 movie is still regarded as one of the best animated films of all time. The film follows Wybie and Coraline as they navigate an alternate reality.

Coraline’s signature blue bob is a staple to this costume. In addition, this costume is complete with a yellow rain jacket. For Wybie, you will need a long black rain jacket and skeleton gloves.     

And always remember…”Be careful what you wish for.” 

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11. Morticia and Gomez Addams Family Costume Ideas

Morticia Gomez Addams Family Costume IdeasTop Photo: Everett Collection


Now here's a deadly duo that will never go out of style. Morticia and Gomez are a spooky yet sultry couple that will be sure to make the perfect Halloween costume. 

Morticia is known for her gothic look including this glamorous long black dress, a sleek black wig, and spooky black press-on nails. Morticia’s counterpart, Gomez, is known for a timeless pinstripe suit and a classic thin mustache.    

12. Wednesday Addams and Lucas Beineke Costume Ideas

Lucas Beineke Wednesday Addams Family Costume IdeasTop Photo: Netflix (Wednesday)


A Netflix series titled “Wednesday” based on the Addams Family is set to be released in November of 2022. Fans are eagerly awaiting the series' arrival, and what better way to celebrate the series’ release than a Wednesday Addams and Luca Beineke costume? 

Here is what you'll need for Wednesday: A black dress with a white collar, and a black braided wig. Lucas, who is in love with Wednesday, has a preppy style. You can find a similar look with this men's blazer jacket, with any button down as well as a yellow tie.   

13. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Costume Ideas

kim kardashian pete davidson costume ideasTop Photo: Sky Cinema | DFree | Shutterstock


It's safe to say this was a couple nobody saw coming. Although this couple has since broken up, their appearance together at the Met Gala was quite memorable. 

Kim dropped jaws in the iconic Marilyn Monroe vintage dress. Here is what you need to recreate the look for a costume: A nude/gold sparkle dress, this white faux fur shawl, and a pair of silver dangle earrings. And you can't forget a long, straight-haired ponytail to tie the whole thing together. Pete stood by Kim on the red carpet wearing a simple black suit, thin black tie, and rectangular sunglasses

14. Ghostface and Casey Becker: Scream Costume Ideas

ghostface casey becker scream costume ideasTop Photo: Dimension Films (Scream)


The release of this horror film back in 1996 resulted in a fandom of fans, and an entire franchise of Scream Movies. The movie also gave us some iconic costumes such as Ghostface and Casey Becker. 

Drew Barrymore, who plays Casey in the film, dressed up as her former character back in 2020 and released a short film to her talk show's social media account, thus reminding us all of this iconic character. To complete the Casey Becker costume, you'll need a white cable knit sweater and of course her classic blonde bob wig hairdo. For Casey’s killer, Ghostface, you will only need this eery black hooded robe and the Scream mask.    

15. Anna Delvey and Chase Sikorski: Inventing Anna Costume Ideas

Anna Delvey Chase Sikorski Inventing Anna Costume IdeasTop Photo: Netflix (Inventing Anna)


Anna and Chase (her boyfriend) from Netflix’s Inventing Anna series will likely be a popular costumes this Halloween season. The show is based on a true story following Anna Delvey who faked being a German heiress and conned her way into New York’s high society. This costume is the aftermath of Delveys trials when she was sentenced to prison time.

The Anna Delvey costume requires this prison shirt and pants set, as well as her black thick frame glasses. The counterpart to this costume, Anna’s now ex-boyfriend Chase Sikorski, will require a simple blazer jacket and black frame aviator glasses.       

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16. Mabel Mora and Alice: Only Murders in the Building Costume Ideas

Mabel Mora Alice Only Murders in the Building Costume IdeasTop Photo: Hulu (Only Murders In The Building)


Dress up as Mabel Mora and Alice from season 2 of Only Murders in the Building this Halloween! This comedy-mystery series follows a group of neighbors as they try to solve a murder in their Upper West Side apartment building. 

Mabel Mora, who is played by Selena Gomez can be seen on the series rocking a faux fur yellow jacket, red headphones, and a yellow beanie. Mabel Mora's new love interest, Alice can be costumed with this casual look of white relaxed cargo pants, a beige tank top, and a large silver circle necklace.      

17. Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton: Yellowstone Costume Ideas

Rip Wheeler Beth Dutton Yellowstone Costume IdeasTop Photo: Paramount (Yellowstone)


Fans of the hit TV series Yellowstone are eagerly awaiting the release of season five The first episode of the new season is set to be released on November 13th, 2022. In honor of this new season, go as Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton this Halloween.

For Rip, you will need this leather button jacket, a big belt buckle that you can attach to any belt, and of course, a cowboy hat. Beth’s look can be easily replicated with a black mini dress, a faux fur coat, and a pair of tall suede brown boots.   

18. Kayce and Monica Dutton: Yellowstone Costume Ideas

Monica Kayce Dutton Yellowstone Costume IdeasTop Photo: Paramount (Yellowstone)


Kayce and Monica, another couple from the popular series Yellowstone, are great couples costumes for Halloween. Throughout the past seasons you will see Kayce wearing a button-down, and a cowboy hat with any jeans you have in your closet already. As for Monica, complete her look with this western-style button-down paired with these dark wash bootcut jeans.    

19. Wanda Maximoff and Vision: Wandavision Costume Ideas

Wanda Maximoff Vision Wandavision Costume IdeasTop Photo: Marvel Studios (Wandavision)

Dress up as this superhero duo who now lives in suburbia. Here is how to recreate Wanda's Scarlet Witch costume… You'll need a red halter top bodysuit, hot pink tights, red gloves, and a red cape. Make sure you don't forget to add a pair of sleek red boots, and last but certainly not least Wanda’s red headpiece. Vision's costume, which is a recreation of his original look from comic books he was in, will require a full-body green suit, yellow gym shorts, a yellow cape, and yellow matching gloves. Oh! And don't forget red face paint!             


20. Daphne and Simon: Bridgerton Costume Ideas

Simon Daphne Bridgerton Costume IdeasTop Photo: Netflix (Bridgerton)

If you've followed the romance of Daphne and Simon since this hit series release, this costume is perfect for you and your partner. With season four of Bridgerton in the works, this costume will for sure be the hit of any Halloween event. 

To create Daphne's sweet and classic look, check out this baby blue silk gown. In addition to this blue dress, you will need these white elbow gloves and this stunning diamond hair piece. Style your hair in a similar updo and you're ready for a ball! Simon's Victorian look can be mirrored with this gothic-era jacket, this waistcoat to match, and a collared shirt with ruffle details. Finish off Simon's look with a pair of leather gloves.           


21. Nate and Maddy: Euphoria Costume Ideas

nate maddy euphoria costume ideasTop Photo: HBO Max (Euphoria)

If you've tuned into season one and the most recent season of Euphoria, you know that Nate and Maddy don't have the most healthy relationship. Regardless, this couple’s costume will have heads turning. 

Throughout seasons one and two, Maddy has been admired for her bold fashion statements. For this costume, you will need the iconic black dress she wore in season two episode one. This cut-out dress comes with gloves and will be sure to drop jaws. In addition to the dress, you will need this early 2000s zig-zag headband and a pair of sparkly lace-up heels. Nate’s looks in the series are more laid back, with lots of flannels, t-shirts, jeans, and so on. To replicate Nate's look for Halloween you'll need a plaid flannel with a basic t-shirt underneath with a simple pair of dark wash jeans you probably already have in your closet.      


22. Guard and Contestant Squid Game Costume Ideas

Guard Contestant Squid Game Costume IdeasTop Photo: Netflix (Squid Game)

I think we all remember the hype behind this TV series. The plot was set around contestants competing for a massive cash prize, not knowing the game had deadly repercussions. 

This Halloween costume will for sure be recognized by everyone at the party. To create the Squid Game Guard Costume you will need two things, this red hooded jumpsuit, and a guard mask. For the Squid Games contestant costume you will simply need this green numbered tracksuit. May the best contestant win!  


23. Ariel and Prince Eric: The Little Mermaid Costume Ideas

Ariel and Prince Eric The Little Mermaid Costume IdeasTop Photo: Disney (The Little Mermaid)

The Little Mermaid is set to be released in May of 2023. Disney fans are enthusiastically awaiting this new modern version of a classic. This classic couples costume will never go out of style. Let's break down what you and your partner will need to create it. 

For Ariel, these green mermaid scale print leggings are perfect. Add this gorgeous beaded purple top and a long red wig and you're ready for a “whole new world!” Prince Eric will need a white linen shirt, these nautical navy blue trousers, and leather boot covers that you can pop over any pair of boots you already have. 


24. Spider-Man and MJ: Spiderman No Way Home Costume Ideas

spiderman no way home mj costume ideasTop Photo: Columbia Pictures (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

'Spiderman: No Way Home' which was released in December of 2021 has received raving reviews. Tom Holland as Spider-Man and Zendaya as MJ left audiences everywhere obsessed with the film!

Spider-Man and MJ will never go out of style and make an awesome couple's Halloween costume. This costume is simple to recreate. For Spider-Man, all you will need is this Spidey bodysuit. For MJ, check out this army green bomber jacket you can pair with any pair of black jeans you may already have.   


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25. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip — Royal Family Costume Ideas

Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip Royal Costume IdeasTop Photo: Lorna Roberts | Shutterstock

Following the Queen's passing in early September, the entire world came together in mourning this loss. To honor the Queen's memory as well as her late husband's, here is what you'll need for this couple's costume. 


For the Queen, she was frequently photographed wearing a tweed jacket and skirt sets. To recreate her look, here is a plaid tweed blazer and skirt set. The Queen wouldn't be the Queen without her iconic oversized hat, this black hat will do just fine.

Finish off the look with a pair of satin gloves and a small leather handbag and you're ready to rule. For Prince Phillip, you will simply need this royal prince costume.  

26. Britney Spears and Sam Asgahri Costume Ideas

Britney Spears Sam Asgahri Costume IdeasTop Photo: Tinseltown | Shutterstock


Britney Spears made headlines due to her battle with a conservatorship in 2021. Since then, the pop singer has had a heavy social media presence, often posting emotional videos that are hotly debated by her fans. Following the end of her conservatorship, she and her now husband got married in June of 2022, so their likenesses make a great couple's costume this Halloween. The two attended their first movie premiere together back in 2019, this red carpet look is the inspiration for this costume. 

For Britney, you will need a tight-fitting classic red dress and this beautiful diamond choker. Make sure to style your hair in a ponytail and you're ready for the red carpet. To mimic Sam Asgahri’s carpet look for this costume, it'll require a tan suit and a black tie

27. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Pam and Tommy) Costume Ideas

Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee Costume IdeasTop Photo: Everett Collection | Shutterstock


This binge-worthy series released in February 2022 followed the tumultuous relationship of Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and 'Baywatch' babe Pamela Anderson. The show did an incredible job recreating some iconic Pam and Tommy looks, so this is a perfect trendy couples' Halloween costume for 2022.

For Pam, consider doing something with latex, as she stunted many latex looks on the show. This latex mini dress in red would do the job perfectly. For the hair, add this clip-on messy bun extension. Finish Pam’s look with a fake barbed wire tattoo around the bicep.

Encapsulate the true rock and roll side of the nineties with Tommy’s signature look. These leather pants are a must, throw on a white tank top and this chain necklace. One last important element of this costume is a fake tattoo sleeve.       

Rock on! 


28. Black Panther and Nakia Costume Ideas

black panther nakia costume ideasTop Photo: Marvel Studios (Black Panther)

If you are a fan of 'Black Panther' then I’m sure you are eagerly awaiting the release of 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'. Following the devastating death of Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, this couple's costume gives honor to him and his work. 

For the Black Panther (T'Challa) you will need this authentic-looking bodysuit with gloves. Nakia, T'Challa's lover, can be replicated with this powerful, almost identical, costume.  


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29. Thor and Jane Foster (Lady Thor) Costume Ideas

Jane Foster Thor Love and Thunder Costume IdeasTop Photo: Disney (Thor: Love and Thunder)

Thor fans loved the latest 'Thor: Love and Thunder' which hit theaters back in July. This costume is expected to be a popular couple's costume this year as the film features Jane Foster, aka Lady Thor.

To complete the Thor look, all you need is the Thor costume, the iconic Thor hammer, as well as a long blonde wig. As for Jane Foster, all you will need is a Lady Thor costume.  

30. Kanye and Julia Fox Costume Ideas

Kanye Julia Fox Costume IdeasTop Photo: J M HAEDRICH | SIPA | Shutterstock

Kanye West and Julia Fox made headlines for their short-lived romance this year. The rapper and 'Uncut Gems' actress were known for their outings in creative-looking outfits. 

To mimic this look from Kanye and Julia, you will need to dress in black from head to toe.

For Kanye, you'll need this black leather jacket, a pair of black leather pants, a pair of tall, chunky, black boots, a full-face black mask, and a pair of black gloves. Julia's look complements Kayne’s with another black leather jacket, thigh-high leather boots, and black leather gloves.

Accessorize Julia’s look with these large gold statement earrings, and this black eyeliner/ eyeshadow pencil to recreate her unique makeup look.        

31. Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic — Tiger King Costume Ideas

Carole Baskin Joe exotic Tiger King Costume IdeasTop Photo: Netflix (Tiger King)

Transform you and your partner into this hit TV series' not a so-dynamic duo. The second season of 'Tiger King' is set to be released in mid-November, so this costume is for sure expected to be seen this October 21st. 

To recreate Carole Baskin's look, buy a flowy animal print caftan dress. Pair it with a flower crown and you're set.

As for Joe, to recreate his one-of-a-kind look, you'll need this tiger print button-down and this blonde mullet that comes with the hat, earrings, and the classic Joe Exotic mustache.        

32. Harley Quinn and Joker Costume Ideas

Harley Quinn Joker Costume IdeaTop Photo: phol_66 | Shutterstock

Harley Quinn and the Joker seem like a common couple's Halloween costume — thanks to the recent releases of 'Birds of Prey' and 'The Suicide Squad', we're bound to see this costume yet another year. 

To recreate Harley Quinn's look from Birds of Prey, check out this costume that includes her gold overall jumpsuit, knee pads, and pink crop top. For Harley's iconic pink and blue hair, this pigtail wig will work perfectly. Add this prop baseball bat and you're ready to be on the run.

For Harley Quinn’s long, unpredictable, lover, the Joker, you will need a purple jacket, a silver grill for your teeth, some temporary tattoos, and of course, green hairspray.      

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33. Chrishell Stause and G Flip — Selling Sunset Costume Ideas

Chrishell Stause G-Flip Selling Sunset Costume IdeasTop Photo: Jeff Kravitz | Getty Images

Style you and your partner this Halloween as 'Selling Sunset' star, Chrishell Stause, and her Australian singer girlfriend G Flip. The couple's relationship was officially announced at the 'Selling Sunset' season five reunion, although fans suspected it for a while. 

To create this Chrishell’s look from G Flip’s music video you will need a black leather tube dress and black sheer tights. Make sure to style your hair in beach waves similar to Chrishells.

For G Flip’s look in the music video make sure to get a faux leather pair of pants, an oversized leather jacket, this white tank top, and a pair of rectangular black sunglasses.      

34. Carl Radke & Lindsay Hubbard: Summer House Costume Ideas

Carl Radke Lindsay Hubbard Summer House Halloween CostumeTop Photo: Summer House | Bravo | Kathy Hutchins | Shutterstock

Spend this Halloween dressed up as these two lovebirds from 'Summer House'. Carl Radke recently popped the question in August to fellow 'Summer House' co-star Lindsay Hubbard. 

Pair a blue polo with white pants and tan loafers to recreate Carl’s look from the show. Lindsay’s costume consists of a hot pink romper and a pair of nude strappy heels.  

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35. Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette Costume Ideas

Karl Lagerfeld Choupette Costume IdeaTop Photo: Hadrian | Shutterstock

The theme for this year's Met Gala has been released and sure enough, it honors the late designer Karl Lagerfeld who passed away in 2019.

Karl and his beloved cat Choupette were attached at the hip, the cat soon made a name for herself in the fashion world. This couple's costume is both creative and chic. 

To create Karl's signature look you will need a black suit with a black dress shirt and black tie. Karl is always seen wearing a unique brooch pinned to his tie. Complete the look with a crisp white wig, fingerless gloves, and black framed aviator sunglasses.

For Choupette, you will need a white mini dress, a white faux fur shawl, a white bob-cut wig, and a gold chain belt. Finish off this chic costume with white furry cat ears and a white tail. Et voila!    

36. Flight Crew Costume Ideas

Flight Attendant airline pilot costumesTop Photo: 4 PM production | Shutterstock

Take flight this Halloween with this cute pilot and stewardess costume. You can easily shop for this costume on Amazon.

For the pilot look, you will need this convenient pilot costume kit which includes a hat, epaulets, tie, aviator glasses, flight pin, and airplane bracelet. To complete it, throw on this white dress shirt.

For the stewardess costume, check out this flight attendant costume kit including a hat, white gloves, neck scarf, and aviator glasses. This blue dress will finish off the look perfectly. Now you're ready for takeoff!          

37. Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace — Pulp Fiction Costume Ideas

Vincent Vega Mia Wallace Pulp Fiction Costume IdeasTop Photo: Pulp Fiction

If you haven't watched Quentin Tarantino’s film 'Pulp Fiction', get on it because this couple's Halloween costume is too good to pass up!

To dress up as Vincent Vega you will need a white dress shirt, and this black blazer jacket over, finish the look with this wig and western necktie.

As for Mia Wallace, you may have these elements already in your closet! You'll need this white dress shirt, any pair of black pants, Mia's signature hair: a black bob-cut wig, and these fake cigarettes.

With this costume, you and your partner will be the life of the party in two shakes of a lamb's tail! 

38. Jordan Belfort and Naomi Lapaglia: Wolf of Wall Street Costume Ideas

Jordon Belfort Naomi Lapaglia Wolf Of Wall Street costume ideasTop Photo: Paramount Pictures (Wolf of Wall Street)

'The Wolf of Wall Street' was based on real people and real stories. The film follows Jordan Belfort, American entrepreneur, and wife at the time Naomi Lapaglia. Recently, Naomi has emerged via TikTok as a marriage and family therapist

Create Jordan's look with a white polo and a pair of khakis. Accessorize with a brown belt and these sunglasses. For Naomi, copy this look from the iconic scene in the nursery with this hot pink off-the-shoulder dress, pink stilettos, and a bombshell blonde wig.      

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39. Neo and Trinity: The Matrix Costume Ideas

Neo Trinity The Matrix Costume IdeasTop Photo: Village Roadshow Pictures | Warner Bros Pictures

You are sure to have watched this 90s science fiction action film and the many that followed the original. Neo and Trinity are an iconic Matrix kick-butt duo to dress up as this Halloween season.

Recreate Trinity’s confident look with this leather zip-up bodysuit and chunky black boot. For Neo, style this long leather jacket with a pair of black boots, and leather gloves.

To complete both of these looks, get two pairs of twinning rectangle sunglasses

40. Cosmo and Wanda — Fairly OddParents Costume Ideas

cosmo wanda fairly oddparents costumesTop Photo: Nickelodeon (Fairly OddParents)

Dress up as these 'Fairly OddParents' this spooky season! This costume is pretty simple and will for sure create some nostalgia at any Halloween party.

For Cosmo, you will need a white dress shirt, a black tie, and temporary green hairspray.

For Wanda's look, check out this basic yellow t-shirt and hot pink temporary hair spray. This two-pack of crowns is perfect for both costumes as well as this set of wings, and gold wands.   

41. Faye and Fezco — Euphoria Costume Ideas

Faye Fesco Euphoria Costume IdeasTop Photo: HBO Max (Euphoria)

If you haven't already, 'Euphoria' season two is a must-watch. We are introduced to a few new characters and duos this season which is making fans crave season three! Faye is new to the season two cast and quickly became popular for her Y2K looks. She and Fezco (season one veteran) form a fast friendship. 

Channel your inner Y2K self with this Faye costume! For the look, you'll need a denim mini skirt, a fun cropped Y2K t-shirt, and these chunky white sneakers.

Fez is known for his 80s-Esque looks throughout the series. Start his look with this retro patterned sweater, these loose-fitting cargo pants, a pair of high-top sneakers, a gold chain, and finally a stack of fake money.      

42. Angelina Pivarnick and Vinny Guadagnino: The Jersey Shore Costume Ideas

Angelina Pivarnick Vinny Guadagnino Jersey Shore Costume IdeasTop Photo: Kathy Hutchins | Shutterstock

Gym, tan, dress up as Angelina and Vinny from the 'Jersey Shore'. Celebrate the 13th anniversary of this hit TV show by recreating this not-so-dynamic duo. 2009 was all about cheetah print, big sunglasses, and the higher the hair poof, the closer to God! 

Have some fun with this nostalgic costume! For Angelina’s look, you'll need this animal print dress, a pair of big sunglasses with chain detailing, and a neon trucker hat.

Vinny was known on the show for his long basketball shorts. In addition to these shorts, add this GTL t-shirt, silver cross necklace, and blue aviator glasses to your cart.        

43. Jim and Pam — The Office Costume Ideas

Jim Pam The Office Costume IdeasTop Photo: NBC | Everett Collection

Jim and Pam’s office romance at Dunder Mifflin had fans obsessed with the show. 'The Office' was a hit comedy series that aired back in 2005 and is still considered a comfort show for many. Jim and Pam are a perfect couples Halloween costume.

The looks are quite easy to recreate. Starting with Pam, you will need a black pencil skirt, a ¾ sleeve dress shirt, a pink cardigan, and to finish the look, a “Pam” Dunder Mifflin name tag.

For Jim, pair this blue dress shirt with black dress pants, any black tie, and the “Jim” name tag.           

44. Daisy and Jay: The Great Gatsby Costume Ideas

daisy jay gatsby costume ideasTop Photo: Warner Bros (The Great Gatsby)

This Halloween costume will have everyone saying “Well done old sport.” This classical, elegant Halloween costume will never go out of style. Go as Daisy and Jay from The Great Gatsby this year.

For Daisy’s 20s flapper look, check out this gorgeous gold fringe dress that can be paired with gold mary jane heels. Accessorize Daisy’s look with a gold flapper headband, a long pearl necklace, and a dainty feather fan.

Gatsby is known for his dapper, put-together, classical look. Recreate it with this tuxedo, vest, and pants set, this tuxedo shirt, and a simple black bowtie. Make sure to slick back your hair and keep an eye out for the green light!                

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45. Betty and Archie: Riverdale Costume Ideas

Betty Archie Riverdale Costume IdeaTop Photo: Warner Bros Production (Riverdale)

Based on the Archie Comic Books, the series 'Riverdale' has become a hit. The series has been renewed for a seventh season set for release in 2023. Fans eagerly await the season's premiere, so what better way to prepare than to dress up as the Betty and Archie duo? 

Betty is the classic rule-following, good girl. To recreate Betty’s classic pastel silhouette, you will need a pair of basic black skinny jeans, a polka dot blouse, and a pale pink cardigan. Make sure to style your hair in a ponytail as Betty is seen mostly through the series with an up-do. 

Archie is your classic jock of the series who plays high school football. To recreate his look, you will only need his letterman jacket and red wig. Finish off this look with any pair of jeans in your closet.      

46. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (Bennifer) Costume Ideas

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck Bennifer Costume IdeasTop Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency | Everett Collection | Shutterstock

After calling it quits with Arod, singer Jennifer Lopez rekindled her former romance with actor Ben Affleck. The couple decided to tie the knot in July, quickly after getting back together. The pair made their red carpet debut for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Bennifer fans are in heaven over this couple's relationship reunion, which makes this couples costume one of the most trendy Halloween ideas of this year.

Everyone remembers JLo’s iconic Versace Jungle dress. You may not be able to get the exact dress, but you can try to get as close as you can! This jungle print caftan dress will do the trick. Style your hair with this high ponytail extension, throw on your favorite hoops and you're ready for the runway.

For Ben’s look, keep it simple with this black suit paired with a black tie. 

47. Jessie and Woody: Toy Story Costume Ideas

Jessie Woody Toy Story Costume IdeasTop Photo: Krikkiat | Shutterstock

Tap into your inner child with this Pixar-inspired costume. Jessie and Woody are the adventurous and energetic couple from the 'Toy Story' franchise. These two make for a creative and cute couples Halloween costume. 

For Jessie, you'll need these cute cow print pants, a big belt buckle, a cropped white blouse, of course, a braided red wig, red cowgirl boots, and a red cowgirl hat.

Jessie’s counterpart, Woody, requires a yellow long-sleeve button-down, a cow print vest, and a pair of brown cowboy boots. Accessorize Wood’s costume with a red bandana, sheriff pin, and brown cowboy hat.             

48. The Purge Costume Ideas

The Purge Costume IdeasTop Photo: John Gomez | Shutterstock

'The Purge', released in 2013, is an eerie horror movie that has since inspired many Halloween costumes. Let the “countdown” begin with this Purge couple Halloween costume!

For the Purge female, pair this white mini dress with a spooky purge mask. For the Purge male, wear a suit with a purge mask. Happy hunting!   

49. Joyce and Hopper: Stranger Things Costume Ideas

Hopper Joyce Stranger Things Costume IdeasTop Photo: Netflix (Stranger Things)

With season four airing this summer, 'Stranger Things' fans cannot get enough! Season five is highly anticipated as it is the final season in development for this series. Dress up as Joyce and Hopper this Halloween and you and your partner are sure to get praise at the party!

To recreate Hopper’s look on the show, get this tan button-up uniform shirt, brown pants, a cowboy hat, and this police badge. For Joyce this blue button-down is perfect. Add a Christmas light necklace and a fake ax, and you're ready to go!          

50. Eleven and Mike: Stranger Things Costume Ideas

eleven mike stranger things costume ideasTop Photo: Netflix (Stranger Things)

With the season four release of 'Stranger Things' this summer, rest assured you will see the duos from the series this Halloween season.

For Eleven’s costume, you will need this pale pink dress with a collar, a navy blue collared windbreaker, and high socks. Mike’s look is simple to create, you'll just need this striped polo shirt, a tan windbreaker jacket, and any pants you have in your closet.     

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