21 Best Zodiac Sign Inspired Halloween Costumes For Women And Couples

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21 Astrology Themed Halloween Costumes For Every One Of The Zodiac Signs
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If you love everything astrological like so many people do, you may already have considered that Halloween is the absolute perfect time of year to show off your Sun Sign pride. 

I mean, you already know it's pretty much guaranteed that every other woman over the age 18 will be dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things, and I feel fairly certain that 99 percent of the adult male population will spend Halloween 2017 crawling the bars dressed as Pennywise the Clown from It now that men are on to the fact that so many women are feeling oddly attracted to his bizarre animal magnetism.

Unfortunately for these gentlemen, the phenomenon probably has far more to do with hottie Bill Skarsgård than with the clown suit, but they'll find that out for themselves soon enough...

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Some of us have our go-to costumes that we wear (and, therefore, wear out) year after year. While these reliable old favorites are probably easy and cheap, it's never quite as much fun to head out to a party in a new something-something that makes you look and feel your absolute best.

And for many of us, it's impossible to look OR feel all that great if we don't feel like our authentic selves, even if that self is masquerading as a woodland creature of some sort.

Personally, I find one of the best sources for getting in touch with my own creative thinking in a way that rings true to who I believe I am at my core is to spend some time exploring the various characteristics of my zodiac sign.

I'm an Aries, and I will always be the first person to both admit and declare that loud and proud that I am ALL Aries through and through, for better and for worse. BUT, I don't particularly feel like dressing up as a ram anytime soon, know what I mean?

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The excellent news is that even though each of the zodiac signs has it's own symbolic character, so to speak, that represents them, you can absolutely dress up in a way that represents the many unique characteristics and personality traits of a Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, what-have-you, without having to default to a costume that is a literal representation such as a bull, fish, or sea-goat.

I mean, what the heck is a sea-goat anyway? Am I right?

Because getting started on any creative project can be daunting, no matter how fun and exciting, I'm here today to help get you started with some fresh and out-of-the-box ideas for original costumes you won't see on every other person you know, and that you can probably even make for yourself at little to no cost if you just do some searching through your closets.

So with no further ado, here are 21 of the BEST Halloween costumes for you based on astrology and your Zodiac sign:

Aries: Maleficent
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Maleficient's horns echo those of the ram without making you feel like, well, a male bighorn sheep, which is exactly what rams are. All you need is a little black dress, smokey makeup, and to follow this tutorial using a headband, plastic cups, wire, and tinfoil.   

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Taurus: Daria
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Just because you're as stubborn as a bull, you don't have to dress up as one to represent your true Taurus nature. Cartoon-fan favorite Daria is as cheeky and bullish as they come, and her outfit is super easy to pull together and cute as can be to boot.


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Gemini: Sia
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You're probably expecting me to suggest the Wonder Twins, right? But, nope! We're getting creative up in here today! Sia's sheer brilliance and split persona of sorts make her the Gemini choice that cannot be beaten.

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Cancer: Storm
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Cancer is known for being highly sensitive to those around them, as well as for being a force of nature to be reckoned with. X-Men's Storm is the only possible character who can possibly fit that bill.

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Leo: Crazy Cat Lady
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Don't worry, Leo. I'm not here to imply that this is will be your ultimate destiny, but how many times in a girl's life can she dress up as a lion, know what I'm saying?  


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Virgo: Fortune Teller
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Virgo is said to be "discerning, a natural critic, and a sharp analyzer of everything and everyone. Highly intuitive, she has the ability to sense what is off-key about a person or situation, and hone into this with intent to improve." So grab that crystal ball, because a psychic fortune teller costume is calling your name this year.

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Libra: Yoga Instructor
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Libra, who is typically represented maintaining balance for the scales of justice, is a natural born yogi. So grab those yoga pants! You are in for the most comfortable Halloween night of your life!

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Scorpio: Mystique
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There's just something about Scorpio that can never quite be pinned down, yet she is "in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature and is moved by the great tides and events of human experience." And this handy makeup tutorial will take the guesswork out of pulling this attention-grabbing look off!


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Sagittarius: Private Eye
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Sagittarius is known as the most curious of the signs, so spending the night as a private eye right out of the movies will suit you perfectly. All you need is a tailored suit, a cool thrift shop hat and perhaps a looking glass or binoculars and you are set to head out on an adventure and find your man!

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Capricorn: Strict School Teacher
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Capricorns are the most independent, natural leaders of the zodiac, and if you know what's good for you, you will NOT try to misbehave in their presence. If that doesn't say school teacher with the ruler of steel and a pencil skirt to die for, I don't know what does.

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Aquarius: Abstract Art
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Yeah, Aquarius, you could grab a toga and throw a water pitcher on your shoulder, but come on. Been there, done that, right? Aquarius is a non-conformist who cannot be pinned down. The Picasso of the stars, you might say. So there you go. You're a Picasso! (And you're welcome.)

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Pisces: Flower Child
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How many times have you dressed up as a mermaid now, Pisces? I think we've all lost count. BUT, a glorious flower child hippie in a flowing gown perfectly captures your romantic, spiritual and passionate style. Peace out!

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Fire Signs: Firefighter and Fire
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Who could possibly be hotter than a fireman? Why only a fire, of course! Grab yourself a glass of water, because the two of you will be SMOKING in this couple's costume!

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Earth Signs: Jim and Pam from Dunder Mifflin
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Was there ever a couple that said "down to Earth" more than Jim and Pam on The Office? I'm gonna go ahead and say nope.


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Water Signs: Fisherman and Mermaid
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If either of you is a water sign, and especially if the two of you met on Tinder, this idea will work swimmingly well for you!

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Air Signs: The Birds and the Bees
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These air born creatures are fun and easy to pull off! Plus, you'll give the party plenty to buzz about while you two get busy! 

OK, got that out of my system and I'm done now. Sorry. Moving right along...

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The Sun and The Moon
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If you're planning to spend Halloween on the town (or at home) with your bestie, dressing up as the sun and the moon is the perfect way to compliment each other without getting over the top cheesy.

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Shooting Star
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If you didn't catch the Perseids meteor showers this summer, you definitely missed out. But you can still be your own shooting star! 

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Alien from Plant X, aka Nibiru
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Luckily we all escaped the dreaded collision Planet X (aka Nibiru) was expected to make with the Earth on September 23, 2017, ending the world as we know it, but that doesn't mean the mysterious ball of drama isn't still out there somewhere. If you're a fan of somewhat obscure, hipsteresque costumes, this one is calling your name big time.


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Wonder Woman
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OK, I know this will actually be one of the most popular costumes out there this year, but come on. There's a GOOD reason. Wonder Woman rocks. Plus, her mystical backstory makes her an ideal choice for anyone interested in the stars.

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Ancient Goddess
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When it's all said and done, no matter which sign she was born under, at every woman's core she is a glorious, shimmering goddess. Let her shine!

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