The Wolf Of Wall Street's Ex-Wife Opens Up About How Becoming A Therapist Exposed How Toxic Marriage Was

Jordan Belfort "love bombed" his ex-wife into falling for him.

Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Wolf Of Wall Street,' Nadine Caridi Paramount Pictures / TikTok

Dr. Nadine Caridi, ex-wife to "The Wolf of Wall Steet," Jordan Belfort, has decided to speak out about the man she was married to, the internationally successful movie, and how it portrayed their story.

She says that while the movie wasn’t entirely inaccurate, "The Wolf of Wall Street" didn’t cover her side of the story because it focused primarily on her ex-husband, former stockbroker and penny stock scammer, Jordan Belfort’s point of view.


Where is Jordan Belfort's ex-wife, Nadine Caridi, now?

Belfort's second wife now goes by Nadine Macaluso, after remarrying, or Dr. Nae. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Nine years after the release of the Martin Scorsese film adaptation of Belfort's memoir starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie, Macaluso has decided to share what she has learned about her relationship now while studying to become a therapist.

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To do so, she has decided to post videos on TikTok in order to talk about some of her experiences.




“Oh my God that scene where Margot [Robbie] has all the flowers around her apartment, that’s love bombing,” she says, referring to a scene from the movie.

“I actually came home to an 800 square foot apartment with 1400 square feet of flowers, and that’s love bombing, and that’s what made me fall so in love with Jordan.”

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Love bombing is when someone attempts to influence a person through demonstrations of attention and affection and has been identified as a possible part of a cycle of abuse.

The overwhelming display of affection is meant to manipulate someone into doing whatever you want or get them on your side.

“That’s what happens,” she said. “It’s also love conning and idolization — he just adored me.”

"The Wolf of Wall Street" didn't get everything wrong though.

Another thing that the movie got right was the scene on the yacht where DiCaprio, starring as Belfort, tells Robbie, who is portraying Macaluso, that they need to go to Monaco for “business.”


What ends up happening is a massive storm comes that almost capsizes the boat and nearly takes the lives of everyone on board.

“A lot of it wasn’t exactly true, but the boat scene was totally true,” Macaluso says, “and you can see the scenes here [from] when were saved by the Italian Navy.”

In her TikTok, she posts a video of a news segment that shows her and Belfort being saved by the Italian Navy as they take pictures and celebrate their new lease on life.




“It was horrific. Horrifying,” she says. “We were in a swell for 12-18 hours, and we lived. Thank God for my kids.”

When explaining what she means when she says that the movie wasn’t “exactly” true, she means that they didn’t capture everything completely and filmed it from Belfort’s perspective.


“I think that if you look at it through Jordan’s lens it was really accurate,” she says in another TikTok. “I think that if you look at it through my lens, it wasn’t, and that makes sense because that’s actually how our marriage was.”

Macaluso implies that his truth was always the correct truth during their marriage, but explains that now, after going through therapy, she can discern “his truth, my truth, and everything in between.”

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