20 Best Cheap (And Adorably Creative!) DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, so let the competition for the most creative Halloween costume begin! Halloween is a holiday where creativity is key and coming up with a clever costume (that's also cheap and under budget) is almost required.

Finding something that original isn't always easy though. You check through Pinterest and see what your friends are posting on Instagram.

Through pop culture, there is an inspiration and certain fads and characters with shows/movies seem to reign each year. But who wants to do what everyone else is doing especially when it comes to your Halloween costume? 

Imagine this: you pick out a costume for your friends' Halloween party that weekend and are PUMPED about it.

You tell your friends how excited you are to show them and maybe only give them hints about what it is to make them curious and surprised.

The closer the date gets for the party the more anxious you get to show off your dope duds. The big day finally arrives and you get all of your last minute details and Halloween costume accessories ready.

You do your make-up, hair and feel prepared to awestruck everyone.

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You arrive at the party eager to make your grand entrance.... but all of the sudden your bubble is burst. You see a girl with the exact same costume as you walking up to the front door ahead of you. NOOO!

Defeated, you shrug it off and hope no one else notices. Unfortunately for you when you walk in you are horrified to discover that there are at least three other people with the same idea as you as well! 

Well, don't fear! We are here to bring you a list of some of the most creative and unique handmade costumes to spark your inspiration.

You can walk into your party with confidence that you will be the one only one with the costume, guaranteed.

1.  Guess Who? costume.


Guess who? You! The classic board game made to come alive.

2. Unicorn Snapchat filter costume.


Everyone's favorite filter becomes your favorite costume!

3. Gumball machine costume.

LifeUnsweetened/ Rachel Ferrigno

Fun and creative plus easy to do! Sounds like a win.

4. Cactus costume.


You don't have to be in the middle of the desert to be a cactus on Halloween!

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5. Pinata costume. 


So fun and festive! Plus an excuse to eat more candy because they are normally stuffed with it.

6. Netflix and chill costume.


Take a break from your Netflix and chill to literally be Netflix and chill.

7. Pokeball costume.


Gotta catch em all!

8. Mrs. Doubtfire costume.


Well helllloooo there!

9. Jellyfish costume.


You'll just have to assure everyone they won't get stung.

10. Beer pong costume.


Literally BE the party with this look.

11. Scarecrow costume.


Nothing scary about this costume.

12. Miss Behavior costume.


Pun intended.

13. Peanut butter and jelly costume.


Everyone will be peanut butter and jealous! 

14. Hot sauce costume.


Very saucy, this look is hot. Get it? Hot?

15. Pinterest board costume.


Creative! Easy! Nothing wrong with that.

16. Tiffany boxes costume.


Nothing better than seeing that Tiffany Blue.

17. Margarita with lime costume.


It'll be a fiesta on Halloween.

18. Hershey kiss costume.


Sweet and cute all wrapped up in one! 

19. Wind up doll costume.


Wind em up and get ready to go.

20. Hi-Liter costume.


Light up the room with color and smiles!