50 Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas To Wear To This Year's Halloween Party

group halloween costumes

Halloween will be here before we know it. Do you have a costume picked out yet? Well then consider a fun group costume for Halloween.

The best thing about group Halloween costumes is that they offer more creativity than individual costumes do.

Think about your favorite characters from movies, books, and television - or your favorite music groups. Sure, it's cute to go as...say, Baby Spice for Halloween. But all the Spice Girls together? Now that is epic! Or what's a Pink Lady without her squad?

You're probably heading somewhere with a group anyway. Why not make the most of it?

Now, trying to get a bunch of different people to agree on what group costume to wear can be easier said than done. It's important that everyone is cool with the choice. Don't get in a fight over a Halloween costume. Make sure everyone's on board and loving the idea. That's the best way to spend one of the best holidays of the year. It's all about fun.

Another perk of joining forces for a Halloween costume with other people? You can have a blast preparing the costumes with each other.

Take a day and spend some time with your friends shopping at your local Halloween store — or have a pre-Halloween party to create some awesome DIY costumes.

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Group costumes don't have to just be with your friends either. Halloween costumes can be a family affair. After all, you're still a group right?

If you're a parent and taking your little ones trick-or-treating, this can be a great way for the family to get in on the Halloween fun together. Getting to dress up can be just as enjoyable for parents as well.

With Halloween approaching soon, consider these 50 creative and fun group Halloween costumes ideas for you and your friends or family.

1. Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Piglet group Halloween costumes.

An adorable DIY option for you and your squad.

2. Crayon costume collection.

Who doesn't love to color?

3. Hamburger group Halloween costumes.

You'll literally have to stick together with this one.

4. Mean Girls cast Halloween costumes.

Halloween is on a Wednesday this year too. Just saying...

5. Pink ladies from Grease group Halloween costumes.

Tell me more, tell me more.

6. Fruit group Halloween costumes.


7. Spice Girls group Halloween costumes.

Girl power.

8. Power rangers group Halloween costumes.

Mighty morphin'.

9. The Wizard of Oz cast.

Follow the yellow brick road to the candy.

10. Matching Care Bears group Halloween costumes.

These win for comfort.

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11. Inside Out characters.

Very cool.

12. Minions matching group Halloween costumes.

Bee doo! Bee doo!

13. Jurassic Park cast.

And cue the Jeff Goldblum one-liners.

14. A League of Their Own cast.

There's no crying on Halloween!

15. The Sanderson Sisters Halloween costumes from Hocus Pocus.

I put a spell on you.

16. The Flinstones character costumes.


17. The Addams Family cast.

This is awesome.

18. The Incredibles matching Halloween costumes.


19. The Goonies cast.

Goonies never say die.

20. The cast of The Shining.

Heeeere's Johnny!

21. Scooby Doo character group Halloween costumes..

Super fun idea.

22. Alvin and the Chipmunks group Halloween costumes.

Easy DIY option.

23. Ice cream parlor employee and matching ice cream cones costumes.

Creative group costume.

24. Alice in Wonderland character costumes.

Just don't be late for a very important date.

25. Rugrats characters group Halloween costumes.

90's nostalgia!

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26. The cast of Napoleon Dynamite.

Gosh guys.

27. Margarita ingredients group Halloween costumes.

You can't have one without the others.

28. The cast of Clue.

It was the Colonel...in the library...with the candlestick.

29. Willy Wonka cast.

Violet, you're turning violet.

30. Matching M&M's candy Halloween costumes.

Perfect for the candy-filled holiday.

31. Star Wars cast.

May the force be with you.

32. Back to the Future cast.

Great scott!

33. Cruella de Vil and the Dalmations.

Disney vibes.

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34. The seasons matching group Halloween costumes.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

35. Social (media) butterflies.

Very fun and creative idea.

36. A s'more.


37. The cast of The Breakfast Club.

Don't you forget about me.

38. Fast food mascots.


39. Disney princesses.

Love this!

40. Hungry Hungry Hippos matching group Halloween costumes.

Hungry for Halloween candy.

41. Candy collection.

Great option.

42. Wolf and the Three Little Pigs.

Blow your house down!

43. Ghostbusters squad group Halloween costumes.

Who you gonna call?

44. The Three Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty.

Once upon a dream.

45. Coco characters.

Fantastic group costume from the Disney film!

46. Superheroes.

At least for Halloween, DC and Marvel can join forces.

47. The cast of IT.

You'll float too.

48. The Clovers cheerleaders from Bring It On.

Awesome throwback to the original film.

49. Ferris Bueller's Day Off cast.


50. Peter Pan characters.

Never grow up.

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